Best Ways to Save Your Mobile Phone Display


To keep your smartphone screen safe and sound, it is important to be proactive. Yes, you may want to use a super thin device and not use a case, enjoying the specific chosen color scheme, but thereby quickly lose the chances of its long-term life, because without reliable protection of the case, there is a high probability of not keeping your phone in working, presentable condition in the near future .

There are hundreds of trajectories and angles of inclination for a gadget to fall onto various surfaces, so if we drop a phone from a distance of one meter and we do not see any damage in a particular situation, this does not mean that the next time we drop the device from a distance of 30 centimeters it will remain unharmed. And, no advertising of ultra-durable “unbreakable” coatings has anything to do with the real state of affairs. In addition, do not forget about hidden internal problems that can be provoked by any strong fall.

So, buying a new phone complete with a case and protective glass is a wise, important decision that saves your gadget and budget in the future. The case and the protective glass are the two most important accessories.

     1. Protective glass

Case and glass for a smartphone.jpgDue to the fact that modern phones are very similar to each other and have a slight difference in screen sizes, the European and Asian markets offer all kinds of protective glass options of different sizes, configurations and prices. Knowing the dimensions of your display and focusing on the holes for the camera and speaker, you can easily choose the appropriate universal glass.

You should not put off using this accessory until later, because when the screen breaks, repairs turn out to be expensive in all cases, sometimes so much so that the consumer prefers to simply throw away the broken gadget. The price of repairs depends primarily on the cost of the part - the screen, and if it initially has high-quality characteristics, then its cost is several thousand rubles, which will need to be paid, not counting repair services. Thus, the price of protective glass, which usually starts from 100 rubles, is more than justified. In most cases, if the device falls on an unfortunate trajectory, it is the protective glass that breaks, giving a greater chance of safety to the phone display itself.

     2. Case

There are a lot of protective covers. Their design can be in the form of a horizontal or vertical book, a bumper edging the body, a plastic or rubber cover that protects the lower part of the body and the side ends.

Cases for smartphones.jpgIf we are talking about better protection for a mobile phone, then it is preferable to consider a case with a vertical or horizontal cover, because the most important thing here is that we get the very necessary additional screen protection in case of serious falls of the device.

When purchasing a case, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:
• an ultra-thin case may look more elegant, but will provide less protection if dropped;

• the book case must have a reliable opening mechanism so that in the event of a theoretical fall, it will not open; if such a case has a magnetic clasp, then the magnet must be working and of high quality;

• a bumper case or just a bumper will not be able to provide additional protection to the screen, although they certainly provide additional protection to the case itself, thus, if the smartphone receives a blow to the front part, the chance of breaking the display increases, even when using protective glass, in the event of a serious fall.

As practice shows, even if you are a very careful user, absolutely no one is immune from sudden damage to the device. But each of us can initially minimize this possibility by taking care of protection and using a set of glass and a flip case.

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