What screen resolution is optimal for a smartphone?


The most popular mobile phone display resolutions at the moment are:

480 x 800 is one of the lowest resolutions available in cheap smartphones and feature phones, the graininess of which is visible to the naked eye. One can only dream about a high-quality picture or photograph here, however, the price is the key point for purchasing gadgets with such resolution;

540 x 980 - this resolution also belongs to the “economy” segment, only slightly superior to its previous opponent. Phones with such characteristics are affordable and, accordingly, are necessary for many consumers, based on their needs and/or capabilities;

720 x 1280 - oh, this figure is already quite decent, which is why it is very popular in inexpensive middle-class smartphones. Although the image display is inferior in quality to indicators that will be lower, nevertheless, we can see fairly good clarity of information on the screen or a rich photograph;

1080 x 1920
1080 x 2160 - perhaps these numbers look the most popular. The difference between 720 x 1280 and 1080 x 2160 displays will be immediately noticeable even to inexperienced users. These higher values ​​create a picture of the highest quality, and, that is, they represent a decent high resolution. This number of pixels is found in devices of the middle and high price categories;

1440 x 2560 - The difference in this resolution, compared to the previous one, will not be so obvious. And, of course, this level is characterized by excellent quality and high pixel density;

1920 x 2560
1440 x 3120
2160 x 3840 - according to some studies, the human eye has its limits and cannot distinguish the super high level of resolution used for the same 6-inch smartphones. Perhaps a clearly visible improvement can be seen when comparing pictures of different resolutions on the display of widescreen smartphones over 6.3 inches, due to the high pixel density per area. The indicated values are used in devices with a predominantly high price policy. Of course, such high figures are theoretically amazing, and some argue that this is not just a theory, although, as noted earlier, for modern widescreen phones this will be an over-the-top level that, with standard use of the gadget, will not be as obvious as it could be expect.


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In addition, in addition to the characteristics of display resolutions, the quality of the displayed image will depend on the hardware of the gadget, for example, on the type of screen (IPS, AMOLED, etc.), software, which affects the realism and quality of the displayed color spectrum. But it is the pixel density and resolution that will be fundamental and one of the main guidelines for purchase.

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