PC Basics: Life Hacks for Beginners


A computer is a technology that has become a necessity. A person who does not know how to work with a computer cannot apply for many jobs and feels awkward among others.
Are you tired of asking others for advice? Do you want to be connected to a computer? Then these tips are for you!
How to master a computer?

1. Determine why you need a computer?

Make a list of specific things you want to learn. This will help structure the learning process so that you don’t have to grab everything at once and don’t deviate from your goal.

2. Don't forget about educational literature.

Yes, yes, no matter how someone is used to watching pictures on a TV screen, you need to get used to using a classic textbook: you don’t need a lot, just one good one is enough. The main thing is to look at the year of publication of the book, since information related to the software quickly becomes outdated.

3. Study the computer interface.

The interfaces of most programs are built according to the same principles, using the same elements.

4. Use the Help function.

No need to wait for something to break. Forget about buying equipment and throwing away the instructions or putting it in the closet to gather dust. No! Each specific program has a Help section that will make it easier to find answers to your questions.

5. Learn to use an Internet browser and search bar.

What is a browser? Where should I enter the site address? How to ask a question to Yandex or Google? Find the answers to these questions, and finding other answers will become much easier for you.

6. Practical training is a step forward.

Don't turn your studying into cramming. Everything you read in the textbook – immediately try it in practice. Solve specific application problems right away, starting with the simplest ones.

7. “Hot keys” and their use.

Most actions can be performed using the desired button on the keyboard or a combination of both. For example, the key combination Ctrl + A selects all text, Ctrl + C copies the selected object to the clipboard, and Ctrl + V pastes what was previously copied into a file. You see, using hot keys you can work much faster.

These tips will be useful to you if you want to master the computer on your own. But if you have the opportunity to enroll in training courses, then start doing so right now.

The “Training Center” of the ASP Group of Companies offers you the course “Basics of working on a PC.”

The course is designed for users who want to gain skills in working with a PC, the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office tools: Word, Excel.

No prior knowledge or skills are required to take this course.

As a result, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice and reduce the amount of work with paper documents.

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