John Krasinski confirms ‘A Quiet Place Part III’ release date

John Krasinski has confirmed A Quiet Place Part III is officially in the works.

The actor and filmmaker, who directed the first two films, announced during Paramount’s investor day yesterday (February 15) that a third film is currently eyeing a 2025 release, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The first film, Krasinski’s feature debut as a writer-director, was released in 2018 and launched a franchise which will now see a spinoff project helmed by Pig director Michael Sarnoski reach screens in 2023.

A single-player horror game based on the idea of the first film is also due for release this year, courtesy of  iLLOGIKA, a studio based in Montreal comprised of developers with credits on Ubisoft titles Rainbow Six and Far Cry. The game is set to be published by Saber Interactive later this year.

No director or writer has been announced yet for A Quiet Place Part III. Krasinski will next direct If, starring Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carell and himself, due to be released next year.

In a four-star review of A Quiet Place Part II, NME wrote: “As both writer and director, he has tremendous fun with his set pieces, all of which are fiendishly devised. He plays with sequences that are so quiet you could hear a mouse fart and others that are thunderous with noise, luring the aliens rather than simply avoiding them.

“And he remains excellent at punctuating the horror with really moving scenes of family love.”

The sequel was released last summer, and is now available to purchase on VOD.

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