‘Love And Leashes’: Lee Jun-young says Seohyun cursed a “whole life’s worth” on set

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and U-KISS’ Lee Jun-young have opened up about being on set of their recent romantic-comedy film Love And Leashes.

In a recent video for Netflix’s The Swoon, the co-stars sat down to react to scenes from the raunchy new comedy film. Both actors had singled out a scene where Seohyun’s character vents her pent-up frustration towards their co-workers on Lee’s character after hours in the office as one that was particularly fun to film.

“I wonder if I’d ever have to curse that much again,” commented the idol-turned-actress. “I don’t think I would. So I thought it would be the first and last time in my life. I released it with all my spirit.”

“I think you cursed your whole life’s worth right there,” said Lee, who added that it was fun to react to her acting.

Elsewhere in the clip, the actors shared that the reaction on set was “crazy” while shooting the scene. “Everyone went wild. It was like a concert,” said Lee. “It was hilarious. When we finished this scene, everyone cheered,” added Seohyun.

In a four-star review of Love And LeashesNME‘s Carmen Chin called the film “poignant in informing and representing the value of sexual expression and acceptance”. adding that it “wholeheartedly portrays that BDSM relationships are more often than not as grounded and human as the people involved”

In other Girls’ Generation news, leader and vocalist Taeyeon returned earlier this month with her third solo full-length album ‘INVU’ and its lead single of the same title. In a five-star review of the record, NME’s Tanu I. Raj praised the singer’s ability to impart “a mysticism that immediately arrests” in her music.

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