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New musical release from Highscreen! A unique USB Type-C – 3.5 mm audio adapter with a built-in ESS SABER HiFi DAC that allows you to unleash the full potential of your headphones. Feel the sound like professional equipment.

The patented HyperStream II QUAD DAC technology allows us to achieve tremendous sound quality and fit all the power of a real DAC into a compact little device in the form of a stylish adapter, without any additional external power.

Remember our revolutionary smartphone Highscreen Boost 3, which “stunned” professional players and “boosted” headphones with a resistance of up to 600 Ohms? We managed to do the same in Highscreen True Sound!

Highscreen True Sound Pro will pump up any ears. Real MQA on any device*

* The adapter is designed for use with wired headphones for listening to music and wired headsets with a built-in microphone;

* Support for the headset feature may vary depending on your smartphone manufacturer, please ensure your device supports this feature before purchasing if you intend to use it.
* To correctly recognize the device by a smartphone, it is recommended to first connect the DAC to a smartphone with a Type-C output, wait until the LED indicator lights up continuously, then connect the headphones. Depending on the model of your device, when you connect Highscreen True Sound, the adapter will be recognized automatically (the LED lights up), or (if it doesn’t light up) you will need to enable OTG mode in the settings.

Pro version:

USB-C audio adapter: Highscreen True Sound Pro USB-C DAC


DAC and power amplifier: ESS 9281CPRO

USB audio: 2.0 High Speed Class 2

· Connection to smartphone/computer: USB Type-C connector

· Headphone connection: 3.5mm audio jack (L/R/GND/MIC)

· Support decoding formats: PCM, DSD, MQA

Maximum PCM sampling rate: 384 kHz

· Maximum bit depth: 32-bit

Maximum DSD sampling rate: 5.6 MHz

Frequency response: 0-40 kHz +/-0.005 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 120 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): 0.0006%

Maximum output power: 32mW + 32mW

Output impedance: <2 ohms

· Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS

Cable length: 11cm

Housing material: aluminum

An MP3 file conveys only about 10% of the original studio sound of a music recording. MQA displays every detail of the original record. An MQA file can be fully certified and authenticated by the recording studio.

Once MQA receives the original recording, it compresses the file so that it is sized for playback over the network. MQA is backwards compatible with any device, so you can play MQA music in superior CD quality. When connected to an MQA decoder, full, rich studio sound is revealed.
MQA Core Decoder
This piece of technology is capable of expanding an MQA file to superior CD quality musical sound. It is mainly used in applications for streaming services such as TIDAL, Xiami Music, USB Audio Player Pro, Amarra. Also, media players Roon and Audirvana support this part of the technology, which contains all the direct ‘musical information’ of the file with an output of 88.2kHz or 96kHz.
MQA Renderer
Devices using this part of the technology are able to recognize and complete the expansion of an MQA file, provided that they are connected to an application or player that uses the MQA Core Decoder. Renderers are convenient portable devices, such as Highscreen TrueSound Pro.
MQA Renderer is able to recognize an MQA file, but is unable to decode and deploy it without directly connecting to the MQA Code Decoder.

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