Rosewood  (1997)

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Motion Picture  |  2D  |  Film Project  |  Color  |  2.39:1  |  140 Minutes

The movie Rosewood,
released in 1997 and directed by John Singleton, was shot on film using Panavision Panaflex Camera and Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lenses, Panavision Primo Anamorphic Lenses with Johnny E. Jensen as cinematographer and editing was done on the Avid Editing System by Bruce Cannon.

Rosewood Technical Specifications

Starring | Jon Voight, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Bruce McGill

Studio | Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by | John Singleton

Cinematography by | Johnny E. Jensen

Edited by | Bruce Cannon

Written by | Gregory Poirier

Panavision Panaflex Camera
Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lenses
Panavision Primo Anamorphic Lenses
Lens Manufacturer
Camera Aperture
Anamorphic Camera Aperture
Panavision Camera Aperture
Camera Rental Companies
Sound Systems
Dolby Digital
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS)
Audio Finishing
Avid Pro Tools Finishing
Audio Distribution
35 mm Optical Film Print
Distribution Resolution
Film Print 35mm Distribution
Distribution Medium
Film Print

Country | USA
Language | English
Genres | Action, Drama, History

Editing System
Avid Editing System
Editing Method
Non Linear Editing
Finishing System
Add a Finishing System
Finishing Method
Photochemical Color Timing Process
Additional Post Processes
Film Manufacturer
Eastman Kodak Film Mfg
Film Negative Stock
Eastman EXR 200T 5287/7287 Neg. Film
Eastman EXR 200T 5293/7293 Neg. Film
Eastman EXR 500T 5298/7298 Neg. Film
Film Negative Width
35mm Film Negative Width
Camera Negative Orientation
Horizontal Camera Film Orientation
Project Frame Rate
24 fps Project Frame Rate
Film Print Orientation
Vertical Film Print Orientation
Projection Format
Anamorphic Projection Format
Distributed Frame Rate
24 fps Distribution
Distributed Aspect Ratio
Shooting Regions
Film Labs & Post Facilities
Visual Effects Facilities
Pacific Title and Art Studio