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Luke Rota 5 Skyfall isn’t just an amazing James Bond film but a true celebration of the character of Bond!!!! This is not only one of the best Bond films of all time but in my opinion, the best Bond film to come from Daniel Craig’s era!!!! This film really is a celebration of the character because it marks 50 years of James Bond 007 (At the time!) I am a big Bond fan and I found this film to be absolutely fantastic! It delivers on everything that I want to see from a James Bond film, and so much more too! This is a huge improvement over the disappointing Quantum of Solace!!!! Much like Casino Royale, this is a very different Bond film… It feels personal and real!!! Once again you really care about Bond and those he cares about! He’s more than just a spy?! He’s a real person with real struggles and issues! That’s why I really like Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond! I love the darker tone to the character too! I love how his films really humanises the character of Bond! You feel sorry for him and you genuinely root for him!! Skyfall is one of the most emotional James Bond films to date in my opinion! The film has a real heart because it has characters that you genuinely care about!! All of the characters in this film are multilayered! For me; Skyfall is very similar to The Dark Knight!!! It captures the real life struggles of an iconic character in a way you’ve never seen before! Skyfall is a James Bond experience that cannot be missed!!!! The action is brilliant, the cinematography is truly amazing and the overall story is compelling! It’s very much about a man who falls into the darkness and then must rise to the light! The cinematography really reflects this to be honest! Sam Mendes takes over as director and he clearly understands not only the character of Bond but also his world too. Daniel Craig is once again terrific as 007!!!! You really believe him as this character! Judi Dench shines as M who really is the heart of the film to be honest! She has always been my favourite M, and in this film you see her as more than just Bond’s boss? You get to learn more about her too! Her death scene is actually really emotional to be honest because it takes a character that we all know and love, and puts her centre stage!!! The film very much evolves around her to be honest? It’s all about her past catching up with her! We do still get to learn more about Bond too though, and his childhood. Javier Bardem is very entertaining as the villain! He is not only one of the best Bond villains in the whole franchise but also the best villain from Daniel Craig’s films in my opinion. He’s entertaining, interesting, mysterious, sympathetic, funny and menacing!!! I love how he’s always one step ahead of Bond!!! Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes shine as the future Miss Moneypenny and M!! I really liked the twist that both of these characters become the two iconic characters that we all know and love!! Ben Whishaw is also a standout as the new Q. Genuinely a breath of fresh air to be honest!! The theme song by Adele is one of the greatest, and arguably the best in the whole franchise?! I love the little references to the original films too; such as M’s new office and door at the end of the film; as well as the return of Bond’s signature Walther PPK, the classic Aston Martin DB5, the ‘For Her Eyes Only’ reference, the callback to exploding pens and many more too!!! Overall Skyfall is a film that does a lot of things right!!!!!!
SPENSER ZETTERQUIST 5 SKYFALL is the second best bond movie ever made and is one of the most visually stunning movies ever made besides BLADE RUNNER 2049, INTERSTELLAR, and Apocalypse Now. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Prometheus, Alien Covenant, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End, 1917, Mad Max Fury Road, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and pretty much all the Harry potter movies were very close contenders and I’m sure there are many more visually stunning movies out there that I don’t know of or I haven’t thought of at the moment. What goes along with SKYFALL being a visually stunning movie it also has a really good visual storytelling as well as great character moments mostly from Judi Dench as M, Daniel Craig as James Bond and Javier Bardem who played the vengeful villain himself Raoul Silva who all gave amazing performances. Overall this is a must watch if you want to see a good Bond film or any good film for that matter.
Melvin Samson 5 Skyfall isn’t just an amazing Bond film. It’s a gem of a spy-thriller filled with masterfully embedded symbolism. After Bond’s brash, rather reckless adventures in CR and QoS, Skyfall portrays his slow descent into near-redundancy due to a gun shot wound. Moreover, Bond’s loyalty towards M as well as his country is tested after she gives the order. The film is truly the epitome of whatever personifies “resurrection”. Because like a phoenix rising from it’s ashes, Craig’s Bond steps up to the challenge unflinchingly. A compelling performance by Craig for which he even got an Oscar nomination. But the true show stealers? Javier Bardem as Silva and Dame Judi Dench as M. Bardem’s portrayal of Skyfall’s antagonist has cemented him as one of 007’s most iconic villains, the perfect mixture of psychotic, humorous and unpredictable. A deadly combination. M has possibly the most screen time in a Bond film since Tomorrow Never Dies and for a good reason too. Dame Judi Dench delivers a powerful performance, stoic and unyielding in the face of adversity. Personally, the scene where she reads Tennyson’s poem whilst the frames cut to Bond running through London gives me goosebumps.. it’s enough to inspire anyone. Bottom line, Skyfall is an incredible swansong for Dench to gracefully step down as Bond’s superior, a role immortalised by her. The ensemble cast of Naomi Harris as Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw as Q and Ralph Fiennes as Mallory is a golden combination as each depict their characters perfectly. Last, but certainly not the least – Adele’s “Skyfall”. Possibly the most moving, most powerful Bond theme of all time. A true legend, and her strong vocals certainly set the tone for the film, which culminates into a battle of epic proportions in the breathtaking moors of Scotland, Bond’s childhood home.. Overall, an easy 9.5/10 for me.
Abhishek Paul N/A The 23rd in the official James Bond series, and the 3rd to star Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. It’s a great film to watch and it also marks the 50th anniversary of the official James Bond series. Apart from the thriller and action, the film is very inspiring, because it shows how a man rises after he falls, i.e., after being hit by the bullet from Ms. Moneypenny’s gun he quite disappears from MI6 and when he returned after watching the attack on the MI6 headquarters, he was totally not fit for field operations and his tests show that he should be dismissed from active service , though he was given the job by M because he was the best they had and the way he rises and fights against Mr. Silva, it’s just incredible. The thriller is awesome and you would always think what will happen next. The theme song is best and is also very inspiring and provides strength and refreshes the mind. The gunbarrel is quite poor rather than the Pierce Brosnan type gunbarrels and the poem of Alfrer Lord Tennyson, told by M is very good and it quite makes the Bond-fans like me very proud. Overall it’s a great spy-thriller film to watch. Thank you.
R. McCall N/A The buyout of MGM gives the series a stable home. With Sam Mendes the series returns like a phoenix rising, packing a Walther. The teaser is a belter, leading into a dark title sequence that explores Bonds mind. From the start M is on the ropes. The elements come together that fashion a great story about what makes Bond carry on. Like Martin Campbell, Mendes knows how to do a good Bond. Craig looks suitably wrecked as he returns. The scene with M is telling as Bond wrestles with loyalty after being discarded. Dench hides her knowledge of the attacks, as she would have to admit her failings in her method of recruiting agents. The locations are great, as he investigates the attacks on his department. He has contempt and mistrust of M, but a strain of loyalty still exists. Javier Bardem enters, and a duel begins. The story is a Bond film in reverse as the exotic locations move to pedestrian areas, and then to the dilapidated Skyfall. At this point, Bond shows his critics why he is needed and why the OO section is needed. The reason why he picks Skyfall as the battleground is not just because it is familiar territory. His bosses have tried to use it as a psychological weakness against him. He knows that it will be destroyed. His past will be gone. At this point Bond is not finding his mojo or coming back. He is becoming what M wants him to be. He uses M, Kincaid and Skyfall to bring down Silva. Everything becomes a weapon at his disposal. He is removing the chinks in his armor. He becomes 007. This is Craig’s finest hour. He plays the emotional states really well. Die Another Day used Bond being discarded, but that plot strand was never exploited as well as this. The interplay with Q works well, as Bond comes to terms with the brave new world. Moneypenny flirts as she cleans him up. So does Silva as he plays mind games.Naomi Campbell , Ben Whishaw and Javier Bardem are good cast additions. Judy Dench and Ralph Ffiennes play good parts. It is signposted that he will take over. Albert Finney, in a role rumoured to be for Connery, is the icing on the cake. The final battle ends with the setup reset, albeit back to the earlier films. New M, Moneypenny , Tanner, Q and Bond…James Bond. The 50 year anniversary ends with a billion plus take. Didn’t anyone tell these guys about the law of diminishing returns? Bond watchers already know that with the rights under one roof, the white cat can return… The series has fought off opposition and young pretenders. Last rat standing…. A triumph.
Alex Brisbane 4 Skyfall isn’t my favorite Bond film, but it’s still a solid outing for Craig’s era. My main problem with Skyfall is that there are a lot of conveniences with Silva’s escape and the events leading to the finale. Also I feel that Silva, while well played by Javier Bardem, is kind of a mix of Alec from Goldeneye and the Joker from The Dark Knight. That said, I was still able to enjoy the film. I liked the idea of Bond essentially being older and out-of-shape along with his alliance with M being tested. These concepts were touched on in previous entities but not really explored all that much. The direction from Sam Mendes is very solid and makes for probably the best looking film in the series. I liked the cast of Skyfall, Craig acquits himself well in that we see another side to his character with his old home and Kincade in the later parts of the film. Eva Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes were nice additions and by the end they fit their roles well. This was also Judi Dench’s final appearance in the series and while it was rumored and kinda spoiled before the film came out, I liked the closure to her and Bond’s relationship through the reboot films. So in all I enjoy Skyfall, I just wouldn’t say that its my personal favorite of the Bond films or even Craig’s run. However, its more that satisfactory for the series’ fiftieth anniversary.
CHRIS ROSS 5 What a masterpiece. Defiantly the best Daniel Craig Bond appearance ever. What a fantastic Movie. From the new style of bond thriller to the classic Antagonist vs. Bond plot, this movie dose it all fantastically. As one of the few but many people who have seen every bond movie this one would rank close to the top of the list if not the top! From the dramatic chase scenes throughout London to the chilling moments that will still give me goose bumps to this day. Skyfall brings in a sense of understanding of who bond is and the history behind him. The thing about this movie is unlike Craig’s other bond appearances, this one defined bond and who he is. Skyfall feels like it should of been Craig’s first bond movie as it creates the understanding of the new but old characters. We distinguish the new M, Q, Money Penny, etc… and the plot sets up a storyline which can follow with any bond movie/mission. I believe this bond movie will be kept in the record books as one of bonds greatest appearances. The sad thing is that we are not to sure on when we see another bond movie as good as this one as the following movie spectre felt empty and dry as it followed “bonds story” rather than following a individual plot. The writers of spectre created something from nothing that was designed to mean something to the bond lover but fell very short. Where Skyfall created something from the build up and knowledge of the prior 23 movies. I hope the bond movie after “No Time To Die” brings back the classic bond we all Know and Love. As the game keeper said, “Welcome To Scotland” and thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this! 🙂
Neil Jackson 2 As Bond movies go, I would say that this should rate at a similar level to License to Kill – and that one was the lowest earning Bond movie of all time! Both are poor, though at least License to Kill never had the excessive hype that was associated with Skyfall.One of the only redeeming features of both movies is that both were accompanied by good themes songs from top singers! It is completely ridiculous that this movie is so highly rated – far too many people were drawn in by the hype and their love of Adele who sung the theme song. So, why do I claim that it is so bad? (NB Some spoilers incoming though I will keep them limited!) Well, firstly there is the weak storyline – an ex-secret agent seeks to exact revenge on M for abandoning him for dead in years gone past and Bond attempts to stop him. On a whim Bond decides to use M to lure the villain to his childhood home only to discover they forgot to bring any weapons to defend themselves. Yet despite such meagre fare (and a lack of significant Bond-girl activity) the whole things still manages to last over two hours! Secondly, there is a rubbish villain. While he does set up some potentially challenging situations, when it comes to the crunch he doesn’t really do much! In fact he is a complete flop of a villain and I was just left surprised that he lasted as long as he did! Thirdly, there is the combination of Daniel Craig and Brian Singer, the director. I don’t know whether it is just Daniel Craig’s lack of ability to act or whether it is Brian Singer’s inability to direct him well, but as with all previous Daniel Craig movies dialogue between him and others in the movie always seems incredibly stilted. I’ve always blamed Daniel Craig, but having recently seen the far superior ‘No Time To Die’ I think a large part of the blame must go to Singer. Finally, there is aforementioned lack of any real development of any relationship with a Bond girl that will in any way serve the storyline. Instead, we seem to be back to the misogynist storyline days of a weak-willed Bond girl – except this one dies well before the story is at an end – ironically leaving Bond with no textbook Bond-style ending to the tale. Bond doesn’t save the girl, Bond doesn’t have an evil girl to confront, Bond doesn’t get the nice girl at the end. All we have is a slightly fun conversation with Bond’s co-agent to discover that she will from here on forwards be the new Miss Moneypenny. So, are there no redeeming features to the movie? Well, as it happens, yes there are.. I think the movie actually starts quite well and the chase on motorcycles – especially across rooftops is great. The introduction of a new Q is actually done well. It would have been a huge challenge to try to compete with what has come before, so to play this down was a great touch and the new guy did well, establishing himself with quiet, subtle brillaince. I also quite liked the introduction of Naomie Harris as the new Moneypenny and the previously mentioned scene in which her identity is confirmed was actually very well handled. It setes her character up well for future movies and redefines her as a modern woman instead of the stuffy, desparate office assistant of the older movies. Finally, the use of references to older movies in recognition that this is the 50th anniversary Bond movie was also great. Sadly, those aspects are not the things on which real movie-greatness is founded and so I can only offer a mere two stars to what for me was the third in a chain of disappointing Daniel Craig Bond movies.
angshuman das 5 I feel like Skyfall is one of the most unique Bond movies there is. We see the rise and fall of him as a person and what’s also great is the fact that we get to see a bit of Bond’s past ,his origin. The locations chosen for this movie were exotic. I mean its so vivid and the lighting was awesome. They even have comodo dragons lol. It certainly will live upto expectations( cause we have Daniel Craig!) in all factors.Silva is quite the antagonist, somewone worthy of being a villain I guess. They focused a bit more on cybersecurity this time and all in all it went quite well with the story , no complaints there. Worth the 2 and a half hours.
Damian Boyce 5 After the critical disappointment of “Quantum Of Solace” (both critics and fans alike complained it didn’t feel like a Bond movie), EON PRODUCTIONS knew 007 had to return bigger and better than ever. With an amazing script, plenty of intrigue and suspense, terrific performances from all the central characters, and some fantastic action sequences Skyfall does just that. It’s a truly great Bond and takes its place along “The Spy Who loved Me”, “Goldfinger”, “Goldeneye”, and “Thunderball” as one of/if not the best Bond ever. This is a wonderful movie experience and showed the World once again that . . . Nobody Does It Better
Bradley Charlesworth 5 Skyfall in my view is the best Bond film ever made. No Time To Die is good but this Bond film will always have the edge above others. The story knocks it out of the park and Judi Denchs M will always beat Ralph Finnes M. There’s no denying Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds to date. I will miss his time as 007. The villian in No Time To Die doesn’t come close to Javier Bardems bad guy Mr Silva who was the best baddie in Skyfall. Sam Mendez the director really did a fantastic job directing this one and Spectre so I take my hat off to him 👏. It was really interesting to expose Bonds vulnerability and the truth behind his past. Amazing and a real masterpiece. 👍👏
Albert Valenciano 5 It’s an action-packed film in the Bond tradition. The opening sequence is difficult to execute but what the viewer sees is precision personified. The scene about the wayward metro train is a terrific surprise. And the utter destruction of the countryside manor: splendid indeed. What’s different about this Bond film is that M-16 itself is under serious threat by an insider whose unswerving desire is to exact bloody vengeance. Another first perhaps is that this film provides glimpses of Bond’s boyhood. Now, we know who’re his parents. I’ve always maintained that Daniel Craig is one of the best actors to portray James Bond: skillful in the art of death; witty, sensible and humane but not easily stirred. Javier Bardem is truly convincing as the depraved, psychopathic Mr. Silva. But Judi Dench will be sorely missed as the one true M. Go watch this film and again, not only for the thrill of the ride but for the unusual drama.
Jay Harr 5 Having seen all Bond films and Skyfall several times. Skyfall is 1of my fave modern James Bond films. It’s 007 at it’s best. Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem & Judi Dench deliver fantastic performances in this action packed 007 adventure. Great special effects and over the top stunts lend to this 007 adventure that Bond and Skyfall takes its viewers on. Javier Bardem portays his psychotic anti-Bond character as few others can. Classic Bardem. Classic Craig. Classic Dench. Classic Bond period! Skyfall is a must watch modern era Bond classic. Perhaps one of the best in ALL of the 007 films made.
Sophie Sewell 4 I have to admit that James Bond is not the kind of movie that I tremendously enjoy. I appreciate them and their existence, but I don’t overly praise them. This is the exception. The first time I saw this I enjoyed it from start to finish, and is in my opinion the best Bond film thus far. Really what serves for the movie is the different sort of story, being mostly if not entirely focussed on Bond’s past and embedded with a lot of meaning, with little distraction from a terribly sexist Bond girl as such which I particularly liked. It’s thrilling, with a great performance from Javier Bardem, who is the best Bond villain in my opinion.
Joanne Bark N/A Unbelievably ridiculous! So so disappointing and a waste of $4.00 to rent. NOT ONE schene was realistic – from the deserted island to the subway train that crashes through the ceiling (during rush hour but not a single passenger onboard.) Question: do subway cars have ground space dug below the underground tracks they run on? No, of course not except to accommodate a Bond movie plot. Then there’s M refusing to leave the court hearing when Bond tells her she’s been targeted. Please!!! And of course M wouldn’t stand for the wordy abuse the panel dishes out to her. She would have told them to stick it up their know what! Bond in Shanghai with entrance to a casino on a one person canoe-like thing where he is standing up at the front of the thing. A lone rider. Please! His partner mistakenly shooting him. Please! No traffic when Bond notices a subway door ajar (again during rush hour. Loads of traffic, then none.) Please! All the sudden 12 dressed police officers in a small area (thats how Bond loses his target bec. he can’t distinguish the one that is camoflauged as one of the police officers). I could go on and on. Casino Royale is one of my all-time favorite movies. And Daniel Craig was my dark, handsome secret agent with that hot edge! That movie was beautifully made. Skyfall was high-budget with NO substance. Very UNentertaining!
tHe NiGhTmArE 5 !! Spoiler Alert !! James Bond’s loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. When MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat … Skyfall, The title refers to the name of Bond’s childhood home “Skyfall”, and the setting for the film’s finale. I really liked Raoul Silva as a villain, he is not like Le Chiffre but he is slowly approaching there! I liked how Bond lost his skills …After Bond’s partner accidentally shot Bond instead of shooting the enemy. I liked the ending even though I wouldn’t have wanted M to die 🙁 And that we’re talking about Bond’s childhood And I have to say that the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is gorgeous in the movie … I was glad to see that car appear in the movie! I noticed that Bond is trying to sleep with all the girls;D 5/5
Dustyn Reid 5 This was Craig’s best film. It was true to the more classic style Bond film. Silva was a classic type villain, and had a great song from Adele. The story was good as an origin story, and there is a death of an iconic character which seems to be a common theme in Craig’s era. This is the only Bond film since 1997 Tomorrow never dies I truly enjoyed beginning to end. As I find post Brosnan is more like Bourne rather than Bond.
BENJAMIN MARTIN III 1 I’m not about to jump on the “band wagon” of people who praise this awful movie! All of the grit and realism of the praise worthy “Casino Royal” was lost in this garbage heap in the first 20 minutes alone! It starts out with James Bond on top of a moving train (straight out of a corny Saturday matinee serial) getting shot in vital areas of his body, only to plummet roughly 70 feet into a river flat on his back. Which would be no different that hitting the pavement. This is followed by an awful theme song which consist of a female vocalist moaning “Skyfall” over and over again off key, while giant computer generated women blow bubbles Bond floats around on, only to have this ridiculous opening montage finally come to and end, to inexplicably show an unharmed Bond on an exotic island with a young woman less than half his age. And the movie only gets worse from there……
Mark Green 5 Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007 in Skyfall is also a great film in general, and a classic 007 movie. Silva is awesome, the locations are beautiful, the cinematography is groundbreaking, and Adele’s title song is amazing. Severine is a great Bond girl and Hench-person. This film is also an underrated final goodbye to Judi Dench’s character, M. All the casting is superb. even though Craig isn’t my favorite Bond, he’s still marvelous in the film. And this film definitely deserves an A++
Noah Duke 5 This is one of the best movies of all time, and the 2nd best Bond movie. It is filled with awesome action and tons of amazing characters. The plot while not original is done very well. I just love this movie, the introduction of Mrs Moneypenny and Q is also very good. I just love everything about this movie and I can’t see how anybody could not like it. I give it 5 stars/ 10/10 / %100.
Sasson Shmuel 1 A villain who plans to be captured, to be held captive in a specific place, his laptop with his “sophisticated” encryption to be broken, allowing him to escape. All this in a specific day and minute, for him to kill M at the court….And if that’s not ridiculous enough, Bond “kidnaps” M to handle the sophisticated and powerful villain on his own with…old and low power weapons. Another Bond movie in Craig’s era, in which Bond knows better than a whole department, Craig as rogue agent which kills all the villains on his own. Not part of MI6. If anyone likes this movie, then you’re probably a fan of Rambo (Last blood has a similar ending, just Rambo does it better), Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis or other single hero movies. This is not an Ian Fleming Bond movie.
R.B. OO7 5 First of all I must say that I am one of the biggest fan of James Bond movie series and from my point of view Skyfall is the 2nd best James Bond movie ever after GoldenEye . Great locations and the first bike scene on the roofs was outstanding. I really felt bad when M and the girl who saved Bond died in the end. After Pierce Brosnan and Sir. Sean Connery of course Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever. The whole film is outstanding. When Bond said “You should have trusted me” I felt that M didn’t trusted him which she do the most. The train fighting scene was outstanding. And it is the first Bond movie I’ve ever watched in my life. When the Skyfall the home of Bond destroyed was hilarious. And the thing I liked the most from this movie is the younger version of Q and the ambitions of Bond when he returned to London even he was injured he went to fight and to train himself for the mission.
Alec Capurso 5 Bond is back, with a vengeance! James suffers a failure that leads him to hit rock bottom and that leaves other agents exposed. When an enemy with a score to settle with M on the prowl, he finds himself operating at his limits. Forced with no other option, he must find sanctuary back in his childhood home, Skyfall. James is forced to confront his past if he’s to stay alive during a relentless assault on everything he cares about. With much more personal stakes in this game then ever, this is an emotional thrill ride from start to finish.
Jerome Pride 5 The best Bond in his best film. Everything you could ever want from this franchise and more. Javier Bardem is brilliant as the bad guy and Judi Dench kills it as M. Daniel Craig is awesome as the man himself and the whole movie rocks hard from start to finish. Can’t go wrong with this one.
Petr Slivinski N/A An action-packed flick with Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007. Judy Dench’s last film with the Bond Franchise she delivers a stellar performance. Javier Bardem’s performance as the villain is outstanding. Albert Finney’s performance is exceptional. Newcomers to the Bond franchise Naomie Harris and Ben Wishaw give remarkable performances and add support to the main characters of the film itself.
Anirban Dey 5 Skyfall is a hard-drive which lists all NATO operatives undercover in terrorist organisations is stolen, and used to make the head of British Intelligence look bad. Though not in peak condition after a near-death experience, secret agent James Bond sets out to recover the drive, which leads him to mystery man Silva, who has a revenge scheme in mind. The consensus on Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond so far is that he started out impressively in Casino Royale but wavered in Quantum of Solace. Here, in a Bond specifically tailored for the 50th anniversary of the series, the dangling plot-threads of Casino and Quantum are left in the wind as a more experienced, more damaged hero deals with a villain from his boss’s past.
Akash Kumar 3 This James Bond outing is a little more emotional and has even more action than you think. The action scenes are very well executed and most importantly, it has a really good villain which makes every chase and every action high staked. Well written and well directed but beautifully shot, Skyfall might be the next best Bond movie right after Casino Royale.
Ashish Gupta 5 Touching and gripping story. In this movie we get to see the human side of Bond as he’s no longer what he used to be before being shot. He fails to pass the fitness test and M still gives him a chance to prove himself. Plot is written superbly and Javier Bardem played Raoul Silva quite brilliantly. Bond at it’s very best.❤️
Vivek Narayanan N/A The best Bond Flick in the whole of Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond. His character as the ageing agent who tires out during the fitness tests is more realistic & believable. Loved the part where Bond tries to protect M at his actual home. The whole preparation part is intriguing. Javier Bardem also plays an interesting villain. Some throwback scenes to the old style Bond. A must watch for Bond Fans.
Ravi Charles 2 Technically the film is superb and especially photography is a visual treat to our eyes. However, in this movie, Bond does not seem very sure of what he is up to especially after capture of Raoul Silva and Director Sam Mendes struggled to keep the movie engaging since screen play writer, Director did not know how to proceed further. They could have cut short the film by 30 minutes. 2.5 out of 5. The title song is one of the best in Bond franchise.
Centrist Philosopher 5 For me, the best Bond film and I have seen them all several times. From the impressive opening art sequence, the gripping action scenes in Shanghai, Macau and the London Underground, the very personal connection to 007’s biography and origins, an intriguing, beautiful Bond girl in Severine, the homages to classic Bond (return of the Aston Martin and Miss Moneypenny) whilst also feeling very fresh and 2012, Skyfall has it all. Craig on top form too.
Andrew Neh 5 this film doesn’t have too much action like the others bond film but it gave a certain meaning it’s like the dark knight rises of james bond after a man fall he rise this is the fall and rise of james bond and its amazing Daniel is awesome as bond dark and gritty bond. This is one of the greatest bond film with a beautiful cinematography. Really enjoy it. 9.5/10
steve cheevers 5 Second Craig Classic Bond film along with Casino Royale. Just perfect from start to finish. Great theme song, great villain, and the third act is fantastic and I don’t understand the hate it gets. Judi Dench goes out with a bang as M. Ending is great as well.
Aakash Sancheti 4 3rd Installment of Craig Bond resets the franchise’s flow of continuity with fun, action filled fun ride that won’t leave you bored. 8.6/10 Skyfall’s fast pacing, great acting, amazing villain results in a fantastic Bond & even action movie, that explores Bond’s past, what M is doing or did and cool tech that leaves with a pretty good movie that will intrigue & interest you. I recommend the hell out of this.
Dj Knique 5 Not really a bond film but still a bond film served with a masterclass in cinematography by Roger deakin. Bond films have been growing up since Daniel Craig and this film completes the process. Incredible. A work of art that deserves to be seen on a big screen.
Adrian Smith 5 I feel the best Bond film ever and a solid cast to support Craig. I also think Daniel Craig has been the best Bond. In my view in the top 100 films ever made but no where near the top 10. I would have to place films like Bridge on the River Kwai, True Grit, Chariots of Fire and The Guns of Navarone well ahead of it.
Morgan Kelly 1 Yawn. The film reverts to same old tired and improbable stunts after howling bad opening song. You know immediately how shallow this film will be when director chose to use unstable jerk-cam in a distracting, failed effort to make dialogue between Bond and M somehow more interesting. Then there’s the “high speed” car chase scenes through crowded streets where somehow everyone gets out of the way. Finishes with cheap stolen MacGyver antics. What a disappointment.
Det8 5 Let’s just start off with saying what the obvious is and that is ,James Bond is a man’s man .What teenage boy or grown man for that matter does not want to be like James Bond? And what woman doesn’t want to be with James Bond?The writers never lose their ability to be original and create new stunts and original dialogue to keep James Bond young and fresh after 25 films. The cinematography is incredible in this film.
The Lenssinck 5 Bond is back – literally. With ‘Skyfall’ we return to the true concept of Bond movies, and the result is better than ever before. Directed by genius Sam Mendes, I wouldn’t have expected otherwise. After watching the two previous Bond movies, I truly believed Bond was gone forever … happy to have you back alive, 007!
Mohd Waseem 1 Well! This was my first James bond movie, but unfortunately it disappointed me! First impression is the last impression suits here for me! The story is so simple and straightforward, nothing interesting! I liked only Silva character,! I will never watch Hollywood movies again! After seeing this movie I just thought ‘ have I watched a movie or just looking at the phone’s screen for 2.5 hours’!
Adrian Van Leeuwen 5 This is Daniel Craig’s and Bonds best film of this era: Skyfall. And the box office proves it! The plot keeps you guessing and things don’t always happen the way you expect including the fate of M. So the intrigue is high! Well done, well scripted, very high stakes, and plenty of action and rich plot development!
Jon Groom 5 One of my favorite if not my favorite Bond movie. Action suspense drama and great acting. I like most of the Bond movies…even some with Roger (less) Moore. But this one is right at the top. Title song is also very good.
Benjamin Milligan 4 Dame Judi Dench has always been a beautiful and classy lady. One of the most beautiful on the screen. Naomi is very close. I hope Daniel will continue to be Bond…until he physically can’t. The best Bond since Sean Connery.
Maverick Media 4 Skyfall is one of the greatest Bond film. It does not only show the chasing & intense action sequences, but also focuses on the character development. Skyfall will also be remember because of Judi Dench’ who has played the role of “M” commendably from (1995 – 2012).These are the some of factors that why Skyfall collected $1 billion at the global box office.
Kundan Dhayade 5 Best ever Bond film. It has great story, best acting by all the actors. Daniel Craig did fantastic acting in this film. It is fast paced so you will never feel bore, while watching it.
Liam Huntington 5 The bond series has been one of my favourite series ever I love James Bond very much and this movie caught me by surprise big time! This movie had such good practical effects with Raoul Silva’s teeth e.c.t Love this movie and definitely recommend watching it!
V Javorn N/A Daniel Craig back again as the real James Bond. Hope he does a few more Bond movies before he retires. 8 / 10 rating. The producers and directors need to get back to the basics of good acting and a good script, less gadgets and violence. Do not mind a nice lady in the movie but must be treated with respect at all times. The Skyfall song was sung beautifully by Adele….
Haider Ali Khan 5 Most Badass and Deep Character of the Whole Bond movies. Craig just fits perfect in the role as Bond. My fav 007 by far. What a time to be alive. Love you Daniel.
Kazi Mohammad Zilani 4 To me it is a masterclass action movie. Actually this movie is an iconic action film. It is one of best bond movies. And Daniel Craig is the perfect replace of Sean Connory. Overall a very good movie to watch
Spencer Kissack, Author. 3 Recommended score: 6.3/10 Bland story imo. But grossing well over a BILLION American bucks, it’s obviously been promoted/produced extremely well. Ginger Bond’s loving his bank balance… Blonde baddie is just so uber-naff (Javier; c’mon, you’re so much better than that… sheesh)
Austin The 007 Fan 5 This Bond movie was a great way to celebrate 50 years of Bond. The film’s plot was interesting and great, the acting was excellent, the music is fantastic, the title song was so chilling and haunting and outstanding, and most of all; Daniel Craig was fantastic as Bond in this flick! Acting; 10/10 Music: 10/10 Song: 10/10 Stunts: 10/10 Production Design: 10/10 Cinematography: 10/10 Special Effects: 10/10 Title Sequence: 7/10 Overall: 10/10
Gohith Srivatsa 5 Skyfall was truly a great tribute to Ian Flemming which was released after 50 years of first James Bond movie Dr No (1962). A treat to all the Bond fans. Spectacularly directed by Sam Mendes and an Obituary to all Daniel Craig haters.
Charles Stewart N/A The best James Bond movie, next to Octopussy & Never Say Never Again. The new Casino Royal is really good, just a notch below Octopussy, Never Say Never Again, & Sky Fall. If they can fix Never Say Never Again & incorporate the Bond music, it will be perfect. But really really really good Bond movie, the vilian did really good job, & movie excellent from start to finish.
Sammy boi 5 5/5 stars or 10/10 for me…rewatched it for like the 10th time now..still love every aspect of this movie! from the opening chase all the way up to the last shootout at sky fall…this is a gorgeous movie!….very enjoyable…one of the top tier bond movies out of all of them….a must watch for bond or action fans alike
Mia Bardawil 5 Breathtaking, smart – as usual – and emotional. By far, the best James Bond movie. Will surely miss seeing Daniel Craig as James Bond… But what he gave us will always be the gems of the franchise.
Saavan Palee 5 it can be considered a thrill ride more than a normal action movie. Stylish and sophisticated, this is 007 at his finest with some of the best action set pieces such as the Komodo dragon one, this is a def must watch.
Joanne O’Reilly 5 Great film. Good plot and plenty of action. However the best piece of acting has to be Bérénice Lim Marlohe pulling off an exemplary performance of a ‘confident’ woman who is beyond terrified of the villain, De Silva.
Richard Jonatan Dudin 5 The best bond movie. Period. Also, read Melvins review. Best of the bunch! Together with Casino Royale makes Craigs case for him being excellent new age bond.
BeingHuman69 N/A This movie was a major improvement over its predecessors with the amazing action sequences and delivering storyline. And Bond was as macho as ever. Really great movie which I would recommend for thrill seeking fans
Oliver Azima 5 soundtrack was one of the best for any bond film, movie was brilliantly organised and written. this is my second favourite bond film ever underneath goldfinger. loved it.
Ross McLellan (Teacher) 4 Skyfall was a great movie but perhaps not a great “James Bond” movie. The intensity of the action and the seriousness of the plot is often undercut by the needed quips, drink orders, swift romances and musical stings required to constantly remind us of its James Bond heritage (in the series’ 50th year no less). This is, however, the perfect James Bond film for the person in your life who can’t stand James Bond.
Nexus E-H N/A A broken, vulnerable Bond slowly returning to his former glory is a welcome take on the character, and Bardem’s hammy villain is a major highlight. Photography is also gorgeous, and the action scenes are great, too. A step up from Quantum.
Dennis Staines 5 My favourite bond film with the best story. Not a fan of Daniel Graig bit of a miserable person, however a good actor and if you read the Bond books character a lot closer to the writers image. Good script.
Karan Veer N/A This is the best James Bond and action movie I’ve ever seen I am very fond of seeing action movies but this is my favourite I loved it the locations are amazing action choreography is just mind blowing acting is very best *I LOVED THIS MOVIE MY FAVOURITE ONE*
Martin Winter 2 Unfortunately the sound management it quite off. To understand the conversations, I have to turn the volume up only to be rattled every other moment by the next action scenes where the sound suddenly is 3x as high. I found myself constantly having to adjust the volume. Would much rather have focused on the storyline. Can not recommend to watch this at home, as long as you have neighbours.
anjishnu mahanta N/A One of the best James Bond movies I have watched till date. Amazing use of characters and locations, phenomenal execution with a long time required progression for relatibility towards the character — Mr. Bond.
Andrew Lee 5 Pointless reviewing this movie everyone has seen it and enjoyed it there’s a reason its the best bond film and by the looks of it no time to die is really not going to be a good movie the outline sounds worse than spectra . Its been time for a new bond for a while and with there competition from the mission impossible franchise they do need to step things up if your going to spend 250 million on a movie and expect a good return .
Kevin brennan 5 All you need to watch is Goldfinger.on her majesty’s secret service.the spy who loved daylights. Tomorrow never dies.and casino royale. Then watch this.mute Adel. And perfect
Clarence Ji 5 Great storyline following Quantum of a Solace. Daniel Craig is a true phenomenon for the role of James Bond. Shame No Time To Die will be his final film.
Dax Whitston 5 The Artsy Bond film. Skyfall has brilliant cinematography and shot composition. Silva’s plan is dumb but so is loki’s and I still enjoyed The Avengers. Skyfall is easily the best action film of 2012.
Andrew Animal Volz 4 The pistol that James Bond uses in the movie either is a piece of caca or James Bond needs Improvement on shooting a pistol no matter what the range is you should know if he could hit anyone or anything at any distance it has got to be in his grip that he misses so many times especially with the guy on a ladder is such a big area for a bullet to go through whether you get his arm or hand
rajiv vedamuthu 4 It’s my best Bond movie, X and 007 r literally made for each other ,Wonderful scenes of Scotland and the Manor transports u to the Middle ages ,,in 1 word Brilliant!!! At least for me ,in my early 40s 😊👍
Sindo T J 5 Best tribute to 007 franchise, celebrating Golden Jubilee, this is the best Bond movie ever made. I really liked Judi as ‘M’, I felt really bad, her being gone, but you can’t deny the fact its the best way to go. Skyfall…..!
Tushar Gupta 5 Excellent movie. This is movie making of the highest order. Beautiful cinematography, jaw-dropping action scenes, terrific acting performances especially by JAVIER BARDEM. OVERALL a definite watch movie.
Planet Tommy 4 Plusses: The first ninety minutes or so are nearly flawless in all imaginable terms including action, cinematography and story. Minuses: The third and final act of the film (without giving any of it away) is too bizarre and out of place to keep the movie from joining the ranks of one of the best in the series in my opinion.
Kathy Woiblet N/A One of the best Bond films ever made. Not a real feel good movie but a Bond movie shouldn’t be lighthearted to say the least. Excellent!
Ganesh Babu S N/A No modern gadgets, Bond says, ‘The latest from Q branch. It is called a radio ‘ while capturing Silva in that movie. He kills the villain with a knife in the end. I liked Q’s dialogue when he gives a gun which only Bond can use because the sensors in that gun is suited to only Bond’s fingerprints:”Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement “.
El Najjah 4 I like the film, REALLY! The only bad thing is the HD Quality isn’t that good.. But, good job! I support you 007/James Bond – Daniel!
naughty boy N/A Not a bad movie. sex scenes are good and I expect more sex scenes but this movie disappoints me. I prefer the makers to make more sex scenes to collect some good response for youngsters and to collect good numbers in box office
Candy Fung 2 So disappointing that the beginning of the movie have kissing scene and the woman with the blue dress half of the breasts is shown…is it supposed PG-13 for kids to watch that? My kids need to covered their eyes to passed that scene. We were ended up gave up to finished the movie. I don’t want more surprise and confusion for them.
Soumyadeep Sarkar N/A It is Awesome movie . Some problems have in their making sense . But , after all it is a GooD movie . I want to give this movie “8.9/10” 😁
Dr.Athul Chandra.M 4 Unique from all its predecessors. Excellent in the making and brilliant narrative with the frames. A movie that made me accept Craig as the bond.
Scott Neale N/A Seems like an oblique rip-off of a Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible script. Too much Bond, not enough of a new plot. It was dreary in some places and drawn out too far. I’m not a Bond fan anyway and this just cements it for me.
Jonathan Doering 5 A return for form for this series. After the mess of Quantum of Solace. This was such a breath of fresh air. It’s a comforting, exciting, thrilling experience.
Oliver Williams 5 This is the best Bond/007 film there will ever be. I own the on 4k blu-ray and it looks amazing and give you the full 007 expirience!
Mary Illinski 5 I loved it. Action and top acting. Best Bond movie I have seen. Never a dull moment. One movie I will watch again.
Jayesh Shah 5 Fantastic movie. Great storyline, First meeting of Bond and Q is awesome. Well acted, Well Directed. A perfect bond movie.
Javed Ali 5 One of the beat bonds movies ever very intense action packed judi Dench is m border is the chilling villain who has a grudge against m brilliant directed by Sam.mendes
John Cliff N/A Brilliant Bond film. Daniel Craig certainly plays the part well. I can bet Shaun would have love to play the part in where Bond goes home to protect M
Paul Edwards 5 Hits it out the part. Craig, all the rest of the cast, theme and style are perfect. This is what a Bond film should be like not what we got in spectre.
Michelle Kuhns 4 I hatexthe scene towards the end. Shows 6people walking up to the house. Then bond is in car takes most out with a gun. Old man in house shoots 2 and there is more guys coming. Where did they come from?
Vincent Sica 5 Another winner in the Bond series..couple not so good, but most very good..I have seen all of them beginning with Dr. NO IN 1962…was always hooked from the first one..
Sahil Yadav 5 Skyfall is the best bond movie ever made from the start to end it takes to audience in a roller coaster ride with an epic theme song
Arjun siva N/A A simply over-rated film. There’s not much of action sequences and twists. After many watching many films like mission impossible,bourne series, this film didn’t satisfy the expectations.
Sho Jones 5 Skyfall has the fantastic plot and best and scariest villain Raoul Silva Daniel Craig is fantastic as bond in this film and brilliant raisin ship with Judie dench as m in this film
michael galt 3 I think they originally wanted to call the movie “Mommy Issues” but “Skyfall” sounded much cooler 😂. Just kidding. It really was a decent movie… well, less Disney’ish compared to other Bond films.
Big Al 5 Amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack. saw this in theaters back when it came out and many times since. great movie
Caleb Green 5 Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies of all the me in my opinion. The film is not another version of Die Another Day, but is a gold Casino Royale.
Junior Horsfield 5 This Bond Film Is Awesome My Second Favourite Bond Film In The Whole Sires The Musical Score Is Ok It’s Not That Good But It’s Not To Bad The Only Thing I Dislike Is The Arguing Between Bond And M In The Aston Martin DB5 It’s Unneeded But Other Than That It’s One Of The Best Action Films I Ever Watched And It’s Deservers To Be In The Bond Franchise
Ed Peleschka 4 Didn’t really like other Daniel Craig Bond movies, I liked him here, he played a flawed character. Bringing back the original Aston Martin, nice touch. Would like to see him in Knives Out.
Vishal Kataria N/A I saw this movie just because of Javier Braden his acting throughout the years is truly brilliant and really this time he’s also the man of the show
pierre robertsin N/A An enjoyable movie with a very sinister ‘baddie’ and very good action sequences. There is also some nice location shooting:7/10 !
Eugene Bereng 4 Scotland is cold. London hurts but Agent 007 is very danger. M I will miss you. From Mogo. Thanks, stunning movie.
We Tubes N/A Skyfall was once 7th highest grossing film of all time and nominated for five Oscars and Golden globe. Please improve it’s online presence because this film deserve it to be said 7th highest grossing film.
Regan kumar N/A One of the worst james bond movie i ever seen, Its not like a james bond movie and Its never going to be james bond movie. if daniel craig play a role as 007
Darrell Grace N/A Definitely the best Daniel Craig Bond movie yet i cannot stress anymore about how great this film is, Highly recommended.
Lary Crews 5 One of the best Bonds ever. Good script. Excellent villian. Terrific film.
pramod nair 2 Thai movie is very very overrated I would say that Craig must take a crashcourse on how to be bond from past bonds like Moore and Connery.He’s always like his dog dies but the opening song was great
Ro Ye 1 Awful, weak plot, cliche actors, predictable action scenes (2 men fighting on top of the train, you’re just waiting for the tunnel to come, or cars crashing into the local market, or the Chinese casino). Terrible movie.
Maximilian Mladenovic 4 i thought that this was an awesome film! It had a lot of action and a nice plot.
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad 5 The only other Craig era Bond movie aside from Casino Royale worth seeing after the incomprehensible and inept Quantum Of Solace. Sadly, the next 2 were extremely mediocre and weren’t worth seeing.
Chima Luke Okafor N/A The acting is excellent, the cinematography rich with mystery and depth. The direction by Sam Mendes is flawless
big jill 5 i love James bond! the way that Daniel Craig plays bond is just absolutely amazing
Peter Ball 5 best Bond movie ever, I liked all the surprises and don’t get me started with Craig who was the best with the chases and fights.
EdwinHeisenberg N/A After all those extra human agents Daniel Craig’s series shows the most realestic experience.much more close to logic,great movie.
Laurie SicardAskey 4 Very entertaining but for a secret agent to bandy his real name about isn’t very realistic. The point about the cyanide burning through flesh and bone wouldn’t happen either.
Christo Alphonse Joshy N/A A perfect Bond film of the 21st century and a worthy and superior sequel to Casino Royale (forget Quantum of Solace).
Sasi Kumar 5 Enjoyed action scenes. Good movie to watch. my ratings 9/10
Cole Hankey 5 Skyfall is the greatest James Bond movie of all time and the best music every Thank You Daniel Craig!
Siva Nageswarao 5 The best bond movie ever released, action and suspense , this movie is amazing , daniel craig done very good job
Nirmith Pradeep OO7 5 Best bond movie in the franchise Waiting for No time to die weather if it beat Skyfall or not
Ironheart Soulless 4 Such a masterpiece,Craig has shown all his efforts in this film also the storyline of the film is also good.
Raul Citraro 5 Excellent movie! Great plot and character development. Bond, never, ever, disappoints.
Ari Goldberg 5 great movie one of the best James Bonds ever Daniel Craig really brings 007 to life
Jasmine McMillan 5 Love this movie, still have no words. It’s too incredible for words. Clap, clap, cheerio.
praveen kotian 5 Best James bond movie 🎥 ever watched good action nicely directed good acting AWESOME FLIM ever one must watch 🙌
Wayne Shields 5 Very good Bond film. Nice return to form after the patchy Quantum of Solace.
Dennis Budziszewski N/A I love it! Perfect from beginning to end. Own it; watched it several times *****
Ethan Lavender 5 Great movie probably the best of Craig’s (not including No Time To Die because that is not out yet)
James Bond 5 My tope number one James bond film and had very strong story to it I recomend to watch
John Gibson 1 Essentially a below average movie about a disgruntled ex-employee, who’s got a beef about their manager at head office. It’s Bond in name and Aston Martin only.
Declan Cave 5 This is the James Bond movie in my opinion. I love dropping babies off a bridge.
Ethan Turnbull 5 Real good. One of the best James Bond movies I’ve seen.
Laura Cooke 5 Amazing movie. Daniel Craig as James Bond is incredibly awesome.
Kenny Wang 5 Thrilling. I’m not good with words. But you should enjoy this movie.
Sam Wright 5 Best of Daniel Craig. Will be a classic for years.
richard liu 1 Expect the unique trend of OO7 moives, but, this one , story is so simple, not too much of Bond’s great performance, to me, is not really better than a spy movie, quite disappointed.
Rao Usman 5 well done we apricate this skyfall which of the best movie i love it
Murat Durul Senkal 5 Best Bond movie ever. Dark, thrilling and great scenes.
nilu priyadarshani 5 This film has a back story of bonds life and M’s. this is a perfect bond
Susan H-D 5 Good film but 007 Daniel Craig is beginning to look old!! I’ve padt the M15 /M16 building many times!
mbuyi ngalamulume 5 Great Bond movie, highly recommend as it is my favourite out of them all!
Barry Fallon N/A It’s got a different feel to it,bond does a redirection from injury, excellent movie
John Boone 5 One of the best 007 movies around with one of the best actors to play James Bond 007.
Abhishek Saraswat 5 Super Exciting and thrilling! Must Watch.
Aurick Anwar 5 The only bad part is that it had to end. Great film it’s a Masterpiece
Evie R 5 I think the movie is soo good and I love the car chase scenes
Andrew Milner 5 Top-drawer Bond. One of the very finest in the entire franchise, in my humble opinion.
Mark N 5 One of my favourite Bond movies with one of the best theme songs!
Gillermo Sustaita 5 When I saw this movie I was amazed this was awesome and I cried when M (Judi) died
Andrew Walker 1 There were people in it, who shot the other people. Along the way they destroyed a vintage Aston Martin
K J 4 You more or less know the ending, but the journey there is thrilling stuff.
Crust 4 Possibly one of the best Bond films to due (and the best shot too)
AMI Productions 4 one of good movie I have seen up to watch this movie
Andrew AANY 5 I will always keep watching it over n over without getting bored.
The Lone Star Man 5 An absolute masterpiece! I don’t need to say anything.
Sri ram Cheruku 4 Movie was good but why all time the loved ones was dead in every movie.. I’m pissed..
Avinash Singh 5 Skyfall isn’t just my favourite Bond film. It’s one of my favourite films.
Eitan G N/A Best Bond movie. Love Daniel Craig. 5 stars all day!
Fysal Baharudeen N/A This my favourite bond movie ithink It’s the best
Imran Mughal 5 Skyfall.. wow Amazing 007 James Bond Movie & My Rating 10/10
AJV 007 4 Probably good screenplay , it’s a treat for James bond fans
Emily Harper 5 mmmmm tasty ate it up like my mums tomato pasta
RITIK SINGH 5 This movie is one of the best in bond series.
PRASENJIT DUTTA 4 according to me this is the best bond movie
ARYAN KUMAR 5 Best in BOND series, This movie has its own fanbase.
Bill F 2 Never saw this until know. Compared to others, this is very slow. Boring!!!!’
Moein Beiti 5 awesome, one of the glorious james bonds ever made
Hector Ruiz 5 One of my favorite movies, definitely better than Spectre
Gulson Panda 5 awesome with superb action nd superb acting by daniel craig
Nkululeko Ngwesheni 3 its just ok, nothing much interesting…lame story line i kind of expected more but its just ok to kill time
Abhishek Gaur 5 Simply the best ever bond movie of all times.👍
Amir Ghasemi 5 The best of the 007 series with Daniel Craig.
Farzad Hejrat 5 Very emotional game with very strong directing and script
Iain Gray 4 Some of it was off especially some of the final stuff but great overall.
Sakib Khan 5 One of the best James bond movies ever
Naga 1 This is not like a bond movie. He doesn’t look like a hero. He is like a old man.
Dr Subhash Mukherjee 4 Wellknit story able acting , a film better than many Bond films.
Prasad Krishnan 5 One of the best film I have ever watched…
PETER SWEENEY 5 Wonderfull, not enough Female flesh is my only critique 😍😍😍🤗🤩
Bharat Tharwani N/A One who understand strategy game play will only understand movie
Syed Hbk 5 One of the Best 007 Movie Ever
Mohan Kadam 5 The Best Bond Movie of all time
Alrisa Edelman 5 one of best james bond movie series
Obama 69 1 My favourite scene is when the credits roll
BEN GODDARD 5 Skyfall is Daniel Craig’s second best performance as 007, after Spectre ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bilal Baber Year 12 5 wow i was speechless the movie was fantastic
Subhrajit Ghosh N/A The best Daniel Craig Bond movie after Casino Royale
Aryan kamble 5 One of the best James Bond movie
Mzimmerlee Zimmerlee 5 By far the best Bond flick, hands down
chris Delaney 5 100% must see, love dan craig,brilliant 007!
vaibhav halkunde 5 The best Bond movie I have ever seen..
Shashi bn Shashi 5 Nice move and jems Band super actar
Sarthak Verma 5 It was great and a brilliant movie 🍿
Paulo Putigna 5 The perfect James Bond film which is masterfully executed.
Mohan Krishna N/A Good movie. And movie goes interesting.
mohit shukla 4 A must watch movie with different ending..
Teressa Gammons 5 The best Bond movie of them all.
salman hussain 1 This movie has good writing which is pretty offensive in the present day.
RUCHIR SAH 5 Best bond movie ever, by far.
Kunal Kumar 1 Dull Movie – Very Little Action, No suspense or thriller. waste
Man Mohan Upadhyay 5 best movie after no time to die
Sagar Khandekar N/A Good 007 movie in first half best movie after interval.
Gael Perez N/A i absolutely love this movie
Lorna Fielding 4 Good film, Daniel Craig is lovely
saiful sayed islam scene N/A i like this move… best cinematographer rogar dekians
A Saikumar N/A the best movie in OO7 film series
Ashwin J 5 The most Loved movie of the decade ❤️🔥
Rayn plariza 2 Good Movie keep on good Work understand!!!!!
munish Kumar N/A Great movie to watch
Ashley Whiteside 5 Hands down… best bond movie of all time.
Steven Bosak 5 Action-packed. Bardem makes a great villain.
Kyland Fenton N/A james bond is amazing because it has Daniel Craig in it
Umesh Joglekar N/A It was a fantastic movie
Uthpala Amarasena 5 Absolutely Masterpiece… Craig is a great actor.
Neha Savle N/A Not that good as comapre to casino royal but I love the song…
Sandy Holmes 5 and the ship has born. ;D cant post short comment apparently
Tallestmidget N/A yeah man i like
Sandra Paradela 5 Nice Movie to watch with the family !!!!
Sayantan chakraborty N/A the best james bond movie i ever see…
Sam Daniel 5 Exquisite!!! For A James Bond (007) Movie
Fiona Hutchings N/A ive never seen it but i hate it anyway cuz i feel like hating on it
sugadev krishna 5 Best movie , DANIEL CRAIG was excellent
Daniel Eckworth 4 I only watch a quarter of it so I didn’t see much
anonim091 174 1 too many talking and less action. So boring
Robbie Melton 5 sorry, I can’t post a review I’m too busy watching Skyfall.
Tracy Cascayan 4 sam mendes did it again 9/10
Rubi Dey 1 Wrong cast and some harmful scene.. Not impressive
Marcos Mueller Schlemm 3 I really do not like those impossible scripts
Noor Salmah Mahmud 2 Interesting for the first hour but It gets boring after that
P Miller 4 Not as good as no time to die, but still a great film
Ivan Fernandes N/A Phenomenally, awesome.
Isaac Stephens N/A good movie
Tanbir Iqbal 5 Best Bond film in my opinion….
Sreeram Rallabhandi 5 One of the best spy thrillers ever watched.
Nittur Guruprasad 4 some thrilling .?……finishing at own style.
Praveencam N/A Wonderful cinematography
Andy-Alt Kenobi 4 Good movie although there is definitely better James Bond movies
Moises Dominguez N/A My favorite part from the movie Skyfall is the shower scene.
ehsan mohseni N/A nice song by Adele!
Ananya SN Bhavana 5 Awesome n world class movie …😘😘😘😘
Harry VELLENOWETH N/A i love this movie
vivek solanke N/A Amazing movie
Vipin Shah N/A Daniel Craig is my favourite as bond
Abu BukkarSiddiq 5 One of the Feel Good 007 movies….
Yasser Yar Khan 5 Nice Movie … kept me entertained..
aksil diha 5 gooooood movie and goldeneye 9/10
Jasbir Joon Jasbir Joon N/A This film was fabulous