An ex-MI6 agent steals a hard drive with top-secret information to carry out a vendetta on Bond’s overseer, M. Bond must face his past in a bid to try and save M.

Release date: November 9, 2012 (Pakistan)
Director: Sam Mendes
Box office: $1.109 billion
Budget: $150–200 million
Music by: Thomas Newman
Distributed by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures, Forum Film Poland, Sony Pictures Releasing

Luke Rota
6 months ago

Skyfall isn’t just an amazing James Bond film but a true celebration of the character of Bond!!!!

This is not only one of the best Bond films of all time but in my opinion, the best Bond film to come from Daniel Craig’s era!!!!
This film really is a celebration of the character because it marks 50 years of James Bond 007 (At the time!)
I am a big Bond fan and I found this film to be absolutely fantastic!
It delivers on everything that I want to see from a James Bond film, and so much more too!
This is a huge improvement over the disappointing Quantum of Solace!!!!
Much like Casino Royale, this is a very different Bond film…
It feels personal and real!!!
Once again you really care about Bond and those he cares about!
He’s more than just a spy?!
He’s a real person with real struggles and issues!
That’s why I really like Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond!
I love the darker tone to the character too!
I love how his films really humanises the character of Bond!
You feel sorry for him and you genuinely root for him!!
Skyfall is one of the most emotional James Bond films to date in my opinion!
The film has a real heart because it has characters that you genuinely care about!!
All of the characters in this film are multilayered!
For me; Skyfall is very similar to The Dark Knight!!!
It captures the real life struggles of an iconic character in a way you’ve never seen before!

Skyfall is a James Bond experience that cannot be missed!!!!
The action is brilliant, the cinematography is truly amazing and the overall story is compelling!
It’s very much about a man who falls into the darkness and then must rise to the light!
The cinematography really reflects this to be honest!
Sam Mendes takes over as director and he clearly understands not only the character of Bond but also his world too.
Daniel Craig is once again terrific as 007!!!!
You really believe him as this character!
Judi Dench shines as M who really is the heart of the film to be honest!
She has always been my favourite M, and in this film you see her as more than just Bond’s boss?
You get to learn more about her too!
Her death scene is actually really emotional to be honest because it takes a character that we all know and love, and puts her centre stage!!!
The film very much evolves around her to be honest?
It’s all about her past catching up with her!
We do still get to learn more about Bond too though, and his childhood.
Javier Bardem is very entertaining as the villain!
He is not only one of the best Bond villains in the whole franchise but also the best villain from Daniel Craig’s films in my opinion.
He’s entertaining, interesting, mysterious, sympathetic, funny and menacing!!!
I love how he’s always one step ahead of Bond!!!
Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes shine as the future Miss Moneypenny and M!!
I really liked the twist that both of these characters become the two iconic characters that we all know and love!!
Ben Whishaw is also a standout as the new Q.
Genuinely a breath of fresh air to be honest!!
The theme song by Adele is one of the greatest, and arguably the best in the whole franchise?!
I love the little references to the original films too; such as M’s new office and door at the end of the film; as well as the return of Bond’s signature Walther PPK, the classic Aston Martin DB5, the ‘For Her Eyes Only’ reference, the callback to exploding pens and many more too!!!
Overall Skyfall is a film that does a lot of things right!!!!!!