Tears Of Shark In Kunlun (2022) Movie Explained in Hindi | Tears Of Shark Mermaid Summarized हिन्दी

Tears Of Shark In Kunlun (2022) Fantasy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Chinese Thriller Sci-Fi film ‘Tears Of Shark: Mermaid’ story summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about the sad yet happy journey of mermaid. You must watch this film because it is very entertaining, full of fun. Also, the romance, thrill and the screenplay of the story is quite new and interesting from other fantasy movies. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

The film starts while showing a fight between two groups.

The one was humans who live on the Earth and belongs to a tribe, the others were mermaids who live in black water.

The humans who come from the other city were badly attacking those mermaids beating them being dominant on them.

The mermaids don’t hit them back but they were just defending themselves.

The mermaids head says to the humans master that what have we done to you? why are you tesaing us?

The master replies we need mermaids tears and we will not do anything wrong to you if you will give us and

you will be released but he says sorry we can’t give you and after this, he immediatley moves to his daughter.

She was the Queen of the mermaids and was lovely. The mermaids leader makes her run from there to save his daughter’s life.

Sfter it, the humans end everyone even the leader of the mermaids and bring all the mermaids with them to their city.

The humans master’s son named ”Jiang” is shown in the next scene, his friend arives and tells him his father went to the black water

and he has brought many mermaids with him, later, the mermaids are shown being tortured by the soldiers.

They were beating them badly so they will cry and they can get their tears.

The soldiers ere doing all this on the saying of a girl named ”Lu Chang” as she was master’s favorite and her orders are obeyed.

She was the sister of ”Jiangs” friend and then she stands up and starts beating the mermaids.

The mermaids weep and tears come out of their eyes, as the tears come out they change into valuable shinning pearls.

Now like this, they collect many tears and then the master and ”Lu chan” is shown talking

meanwhile, ”Jiang” arrives and becomes furious at his father and says father you promised me not to hurt mermaids ever but

you broke your promise and brought mermaids here and now you are torturing them.

You are evil, suddenly the master starts coughing after listening to him.

It seems like his condition is not well and ”Chan” makes him eat few tablets

but ”Jiang” takes her aside and asks what happend to my father? his conditon doesn’t seem well.

She says yes, your father is not well and under treatment that can be done with the mermaids tears

that’s why we went to the black water and brought the mermaids, ”Jiang” asks did you got what you want?

now please kindly release those mermaids but she says you can’t understand because you are younger.

You don’t even know about the mermaids that how dangerous are they,

they will come back to take revenge on us if we leave them and don’t know how many innocent lives they will take.

That’s why we can’t release them and after all this, ”Jiang’s” father asks him to leave.


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