The Brass Teapot (2012) Movie Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

The Brass Teapot (2012) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Thriller Fantasy film ‘The Brass Teapot’ story summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a strange Magical Teapot that Generates Big Money but at Pretty bad price.

This is the main subject of the story. A poor couple discovered it and used it to satisfy their greed, making a million dollars. But sadly, as time passes, they come to realize that nothing is as straightforward as it first appears, and their lives devolve into turmoil slowly.

This movie is a must-see since it’s hilarious and incredibly enjoyable. Additionally, the romance and the story’s screenplay are fresh and intriguing compared to other thrilling films. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

This is the film of a husband and wife who receive a teapot, which changes their lives.

In the beginning, a man named ”John” is shown who works in a company.

He lives with his wife in a rented house. Now the owner of the house always troubles his wife.

Also, he does not let ”John” live peacefully and keeps bothering him as he wants.

”John’s” wife ”Alice” is looking for a good job but she is not getting any job.

It means that their bad time is going on, and their luck is not supporting them.

Now one is that John’s boss is not happy with his work, ”Alice” is not getting a good job even though she is looking for another job.

They are in need of money in this difficult time and the money they have accumulated is also running out.

Now they both go to a party where they had only two good friends, none talks to them at the party except those two friends

but this does not make any difference to them.

On the first day, they are going to buy the necessary things for the house while talking.

In the meantime, a truck collides with their car and their car gets into an accident but luckily, they are saved.

Nothing happens to them.

After some time, the police also come here.

They were talking to the police and ”Alice” saw a shop in front where old and valuable things were sold.

The owner of the shop is also standing near the shop and ”Alice” sees a teapot in her hand.

It means a teapot that looked very valuable.

She likes that teapot so much that she goes behind the woman and enters her shop

and starts looking everywhere to find that teapot.

Then the owner of the shop, that woman comes here and asks ”Alice”, who are you and what are you doing in my shop?

On it, ”Alice” starts talking to her that actually, I came here to buy something for myself.

That’s what I was looking for.

Now the woman’s phone starts ringing and she leaves to attend the call.

Getting a chnace, she goes to that woman’s room

because ”Alice” saw that woman putting the teapot in her room.

She was after this teapot because it looked so beautiful and valuable that ”Alice’s” eyes were not moving away from it.

Now because she was in her hands, she steals it and brings it home with her.

”Alice” liked it so much that she kept it with her all the time, one day she gets hurt

because of it, the lid of the teapot opens suddenly.

As she removes the lid, she gets money from it, seeing this, she again hurts herself.

She sees the teapot and again there is some money in it.

Here, she understands that the more she hurts herself, the more money the teapot will give her.

On another side, ”John” was terminated from the job by his boss.

He comes home disappointed and sees the whole house ruined

he also finds ”Alice” hurt and half unconscious on the bed.

She was hurt a lot.

He doesn’t understand how the house is like this and why ”Alice” is injured?

Then she smiles and says to him, nothing happened to me, I am absolutely fine and happy.

When she comes to her senses, ”John” tells her that my job is gone.

After hearing this, ”Alice” slaps him, now it is obvious that by doing this, the teapot gives her money again.

So here she also tells ”John” about this teapot and the money coming out of it.

Then the whole evening, ”Alice” hurts herself and ”John” and keeps getting money from the teapot.

”John” didn’t like to get hurt like this and get money.

That’s why he tells ”Alice” that is neither a job nor a good way to earn money.

Then she explains to him that what else should we do?

Despite working so hard, we are not able to earn money and consider this teapot as a gift from God.

Because through this, we can earn as much money as we want, we won’t have to work hard.

Then after hearing this, ”John” becomes quiet.

The next morning, he left while leaving a note for ”Alice”

written that I think this way of earning money can prove to be dangerous in the future.

That’s why I’m going to return this teapot.

Then as he goes to the shop, the shop is closed and he takes the teapot and goes to a show that is also shown on TV later.

Seeing that teapot, a doctor was very surprised as if he knows a lot about it.

”John” comes home, they promise after earning 10 lac rupees, we will return the teapot to that shop

and they start looking for different ways to hurt themselves.

Like getting an injection, getting a tattoo, getting a tooth removed through which they earn money and hide it in the washroom.

Now they call ”Alice’s” family on a dinner where ”John” also comes with chicken knowing that Alice’s family doesn’t eat meat.

Just eats vegetables but for his show, he could do anything.

Now ”Alice” wasn’t frank with her sister at all.

That’s why she keeps asking him to tease her, after all, how long you will be like this? have a baby too.

Now when ”Alice’s” family goes, two twin brothers come to their house and start beating ”John”

and ask him about that teapot.

They say that our grandmother had saved this teapot with great difficulty in an accident

and before she died, she told us that that teapot has been stolen and we know you have it.

Saying this, they start hitting him more and say, come on, give us the money that has come out of the teapot.

Now the money that the teapot has given because of ”John’s” beating, ”Alice” gives that money to the brothers

and says that we don’t have that teapot anymore, we have sold it. It means she was lying.

After hearing this, the brothers leave from there.

After it, they decide that now they will know the truth of this teapot.

What is the reason for giving the money? to find out this, they go to the library.

Where they find out that this teapot is from a very old time and it has some powers.

The hazards of using this teapot is also written on a page.

Then ”Alice” secretly keeps that page with her while tearing it.

As ”John” starts reading about the damage caused by that teapot but sees that the page is missing, someone has torn it.

Now we know who has done this and he also asks ”Alice” about this

but she talks about here and there and with it, he forget this.

After going home, she tells ”John” we should earn more money and spend it, we should have a lot of fun in this life.

We should enjoy ”John” agrees with her.

They buy an expensive car and a very beautiful and luxurious house, in this happiness, they have a party at home

but ”John” sees that ”Alice’s” behavior is not good with her friend.

She is not behaving good with him instead, she befriends a rich girl.

”John’s” behavior does not change in comparison to her and remains the same with his friend as he was before.

The party was going on meanwhile, the same doctor comes to his house who was surprised to see that teapot.

He tells ”John” the lives of both husband and wife are in danger because of that teapot.

I came to talk to you about this, on it, he starts thinking then after a while he says

that I will first talk to my wife ”Alice” about this.

They both come out after consulting each other.

Alice tells the doctor we don’t want to talk about this.

At night, they are talking about this teapot that it is so good for us, it has changed our lives.

As long as it is with us Poverty cannot come close to us, in fact, we will become richer and richer.

The house owner hears all this from outside.

He immediately comes inside the house and says I know how did you become so rich?

How did you earn money? through this teapot. After saying this he takes the teapot from ”Alice” and runs away from there.

Then after going on the road he throws it far away and not only that even he rides his car on it.

Now even after so much has happened nothing happens to that teapot.

After seeing this, ”Alice” and ”John” become surprised how can this be possible?

Then to know the reason they go to the doctor where the doctor tells them that this teapot is 2000 years old.

It has been with the best and worst person in the world.

Then a soldier lost it somewhere and if this teapot is burnt in the wrong hands then it can be destroyed.

Now because this teapot is with you so if there is any evil in your mind then it will spread that evil more inside you

because of which you can be completely ruined but yes, I also know how to get rid of it.

For your own good hand over that teapot to me but ”Alice” didn’t want to do that.

That’s why she refuses to give it to him.

After it, the process of both of them getting hurt start again.

Then one night the twin brothers come to their house and steal the money hidden in the washroom.

then after listening to them they come out and seeing the teapot in ”Alice’s hand, the brother says

that this teapot is ours and you are taking our right while taking the money from it.

That’s why we won’t leave our right an will keep coming to take our money

and yes, we could have taken this teapot but we don’t want to take it because we know about its powers and dangers.

That’s why it would be better for you guys to get rid of this teapot as soon as possible.

As they were leaving ”Alice” attacks them with that teapot and tries to snatch their earned money from them.

Now the two brothers attack ”Alice” and ”John” to save their lives because of it, they become unconscious.

When they come to their senses in the morning they notice the brothers have taken all their money

and now that teapot has also started giving less money than before.

Because of it, they understand that

now they have to give themselves a deep wound to earn more money.

Now these two go to a bar where ”John” starts bothering a goon then in return he hits him a lot and injures him badly.

The next day when the Dr. meet ”John”, he says wbile looking at his condition, you have changed a lot and the reason is only that teapot.

He is now controlling you and he starts telling him again to get rid of that teapot as soon as possible.

Then ”Alice” comes to know that to get money from the teapot it is not necessary to hurt herself

in fact, if anyone gets hurt around the teapot then it can still give them money.

Now they like this new way of earning money before this, they go to a hospital where a woman’s operation is going on.

Then they go to a match where the boxing match was going on and were hitting each other.

Apart from this, these people go to such places where people are somehow getting hurt.

Now it is obvious that by doing this they were getting money without getting hurt but ”John” feels strange now.

He feels that ”Alice” is changing and becoming so strange that she wants to hurt others.

In the process of earning money, she is getting out of control.

She is so obsessed with it that she can even take someone’s life to earn money.

As she starts hitting a woman walking on the road, ”John” immediately turns the steering of the car

because of it, ”Alice” feels very bad.

She gets out of the car by saying ill to ”John” then she finds out one more thing.

That by saying ill to each other the teapot is giving them money

then to earn more money ”Alice” says such things to ”John” which breaks his heart and now she asks ”John”

to say bad things to her

by doing this they say bad things to each other every day and these were all the things that they always wanted to say to each other.

But they could not say.

There were also things which were also revealing their secrets because of it, they were getting money

but their relationship was about to break.

Here, ”Alice” reveals a big secret that before marriage, I had a relationship with the owner of the house.

”John” becomes furious hearing this and he picks up the money and hits on ”Alice” face.

”John” goes to his house to kill the owner of the house but the poor guy gets beaten up and goes back.

Now all the secrets of these two had come out that’s why they go to other people and try to reveal their secrets

so that they can earn money.

First of all, they go to that rich girl’s house.

They tell her husband that your dog was killed by your wife.

After it, they tell ”John’s” boss’s wife that your husband is cheating on you.

Then they go to break ”Alice’s” sister’s house to tell her husband that your wife likes someone else

but before she does that ”Alice” comes back to her senses means out of the passion of money.

She tells her sister you are very jealous of me and I don’t like this at all, you are my sister.

After hearing this, ”Alice’s” sister becomes sad and she apologizes for everything she said

because of it, the sisters hugged each other. Well, now these two come home where ”Alice” tells ”John”

that I want to earn a lot of money together.

There are a lot of bad people around us, criminals and no one will care If I will end themand this will be my good deed.

In return, I will get a lot of money together.

Now before killing anyone they dig his grave and ”John” wanted to stop ”Alice”.

That’s why he asks her that if you have to choose between me and the teapot then whom will you choose?

On it, she did not respond and after seeing this, ”John” understands that now the matter is out of my hands.

That’s why he goes to the doctor and he tells ”John” that if you want that the effect of the teapot on you is over

then you will have to give it to me but ”John” knew that this could not happen.

Because it’s been a long time now ”Alice” will never give that teapot and the page that ”Alice” tore from the book.

Through it, he finds out that there is a lot of loss in using this teapot that’s why she apologizes to ”John” and says okay,

give this teapot to the doctor but after some time, when she looks at the teapo and starts pulling towards it again and refuses to give it.

”John” understands that she will not leave this teapot so easily that’s why he jumps out of the room window with the teapot.

In return, a lot of money comes out of the teapot now ”John” was unconscious.

”Alice” starts crying seeing this and realizes that I am making a big mistake by not listening to my husband.

Now, she decides to leave the teapot, then the next morning, they see their teapot has been stolen by the house owner first he gets happy

but then he thinks that this teapot can prove to be dangerous if it goes in the wrong hands.

So that’s why we have to give it to the doctor and now to take that teapot they go to the landlord’s house and sees that

his house was scattered here and there then the landlord comes in front of him who was soaked in blood.

He had a gun in his hand which he had pointed at them.

Then ”Alice” tries to stop him but he doesn’t stop because of it, they get into a fight, then there

the landlord’s wife also comes who also had a gun in her hand but before she killed ”Alice” and ”John”.

Here, the twin brothers also come and they also had a gun that’s why they start shooting each other and end each other.

”Alice” and ”John” were saved in this shootout. Now because of their death, a lot of money comes out of the teapot.

With that money and the teapot, they both get out of this house.

The doctor was in front of them who ends the teapot power from these two and taking the teapot says

among the big people only a few people had the courage to leave this teapot and you are one of them today.

They also give to their friends that was earned from the teapot and leave that place and moved far.

Then the doctor also throws that teapot in the middle of the sea so none can get it again.

Showing that teapot in the depths of water, this movie story ends here.

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