The Invitation (2022) Movie Explained in Hindi Summarized हिन्दी

The Invitation (2022) Horror movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Horror Thriller film ‘The Invitation’ story summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a woman Evie, who at the same time learns the secrets of many Vampires and other Supernatural things.

The film with a beautiful but terrifying palace, with darkness everywhere.

Meanwhile, a lady is shown standing at a place in a room being scared and someone arrives in the room to feed her.

The lady runs from there as the door opens but everyone discovered that’s why she couldn’t run.

She ties an iron wire around her neck and holds a statue for heavy weight and the next moment she ends herself while jumping.

Before dying, she said, “Everything is ending with me, so you can’t get anyone from my generation .”

The story is shown many years later, and there is a girl named “Evie” who is an artist but also works hard.

Right now she is doing a job as a waitress, she has a good friend and they were doing hard work for their good future.

Her friend gives her a DNA test with which they can find anyone’s family member. This job is done by a company

for the poeple who have none in this world.

The company used to find out the relative of a person while taking his DNA. Returning home, ”Evie” starts making mud pots

as she likes this but she wasn’t attentive towards it.

She was missing her parents while seeing their pictures and was listening to their voice messages again and again

because her parents died many years ago and she is alone in this world so she decides to give the DNA

while hoping to find someone in this world and the company will find him or her.

The next day, she gives her DNA sample and the result came after a while,

she discovers her family was from ”England” and the company has found her cousin who was in ”England” at this time.

”Evie” becomes surprised to know this and even she tells her friend about it and her cousin also gets this message

that he has a cousin named ”Evie”, he messages her and calls her for a coffee.

”Evie” becomes happy to see this because she was alone in this world

and she was feeling lonely but her friend makes her understand not to believe anyone like this.

I think this DNA company is also a fraud

maybe they will trap you and will take any benefit from you but ”Evie” ignores her.

After a few days, ”Evie” meets her cousin at a hoitel and he becomes happy to meet her and behaves nicely

seeing it, ”Evie” becomes happy, later, he tells her that their family is huge and rich

they become happy after knwoing about you, there is a wedding of our cousin after a few days and you have to attend it.

Everyone will be delighted to see you because they are eager to meet you.

“Evie” says I’d like to come but can’t because I don’t have much money

but he says don’t worry we will bear all of your expenses and this will be a gift from your family.

She agree and decides to go to England and reaches there after a few days

her cousin comes to recive her at the airport and again meets her nicely.

Then he takes her to a lavish palace and seeing it, ”Evie” becomes astonished

actually, the family of ”Evie’s” cousin lives here because they work here for the owner.

The wedding preperations of their cousin were going on so there were some waitresses, ”Evie” collides with a waitress.

She was having glasses in her hands due to it, they fell but ”Evie” helps her meanwhile, the house’s servant arrives

and starts misbehaving with her but she says don’t you know how to talk? I am a guest here meanwhile, a boy arrives

and apologizes to ”Evie” for the servant’s behavior. Meanwhile, ”Evie’s” couson arrives and introduces them to each other

she discovers this boy is none other than this house’s owner named ”Walter” and ”Evie’s” cousin’s family works for him.

Here, ”Walter’s” bahavior was also good to ”Evie”, she become happy with it and also admires his palace.

Latr, the servant takes ”Evie’s” luggage inside the palace, the palace is shown lovely even from inside.

”Evie” is shown the whole palace and we discover it is the same palace in which the lady ended herself

now she was given a room and even a servant who was nice and now will work for her.

”Evie” was surprised to see this as she was getting a lot of respect here, the servant tells her the rules to live here

that she don’t have to come outside and just have to ring the bell if you want anything I will come.

It is not allowed to go to the library because there is some task going on and you have to sleep early at night.

”Evie” removes the curtains and sees the rods behind them and asks being surprised what is the purpose of those rods?

The servant says the dangerous birds often come that can harm us and the rods are for our safety.

She doesn’t say anything because she feels maybe she is saying truth, at night ”Evie” video calls her friend.

She tells her everything about here that she is happy here

she says I wasn’t expecting everything to be so good here, the people, palace and their nature everything is good.

After a while, ”Walter” comes to her door and says I was here to see you that you come in the room and

I apologise once more on behalf of my servant. He appears to like “Evie.”

After it, she goes for a walk and sees an old building near the palace

seeing it, she stops because she sees a terrible thing near the building.

At night, she sees a nightmare and awakes immediately, she feels thirst so she comes out of her room to drink water.

She sees the servant has gathered all the workers and sends one of them to clean up the library.

”Evie” feels strange to see this but then her servant arrives who asks her to go back to her room.

She asks her to go and sleep as coming out isn’t good for her, ”Evie” leaves but the girl is shown who went to clean up the library

and suddenly, a thing attacks her from the roof and takes her with her.

In the morning, ”Evie” was called downstairs as her family gathered to welcome her, she returns to her room and finds a dress with a note.

It was sent by ”Walter” for the party in the evening, meanwhile, the servant is shown sending two girls in library to bring beer.

There was an attack on them and someone has taken them with it, likewise, the waitresses were disappearing one by one

”Evie” wasn’t aware that there will be something strange or dangeorus.

At night, she gets ready nicely after wearing the dress given by ”Walter” and comes to the party

Here, she meets two like girls and one of them was clever and doesn’t like ”Evie” but the other was innocent and happy on ”Evie’s” arrival.

”Evie” was surprised beause she hasn’t seen the bride yet, they have made their own rules. ”Walter” arrives and moves to ”Evie”.

He starts dancing with her and ”Evie” feels good because among so many girls ”Walter” has chosed her to dance.

After it, they go for a walk and talk to each other, ”Evie” was talking about the building that scared her yesterday

he tells her this was used to keep things in the old era and takes her to another place where they talk a lot.

”Evie” was sleeping in her room and gets scared of something and hides under the bed immediately

and she was shouting as well. Hearing her voices, ”Walter” coems to her handles her while checking the room

but there was nothing and he makes her understand in the end that she may have seen a nightmare because there is nothing.

”Evie” was considering herself safe with ”Walter” that’s why she asks him to stay in her room until she sleeps.

He agrees and in the morning, ”Evie” awakes and finds a letter by ”Walter” near her

”I am leaving but didn’t awake you just not to disturb you” was written on it.

The girls who met ”Evie” in the party come and take ”Evie” with them to get her ready

meanwhile, ”Evie’s” finger become injured when her nails were cutting and starts bleeding.

The girl couldn’t stop herself while seeing the blood and starts sucking her blood. ”Evie” feels weird so she leaves in anger

”Evie” starts feeling that the people here are strange and something is wrong

so she decides to go to the place where she wasn’t allowed means in the library.

She moves inside and sees her details on the table that was taken by ”Walter”.

She feels bad seeing this and leaves from there, she starts packing her luggage

meanwhile, ”Walter” comes to her and makes her understand while apologizing

that I have taken out your details because I care for my life and money.

I just wanted to know that if you are coming here being greedy for money, I had to do this when I was told of your arrival.

As I want to know you in real and you are suspecting me, now again ”Evie” was trapped becausse she now likes ”Walter”.

At night, a lavish dinner was arranged and everyone was nicely dressed, ”Evie” was also given a lovely dress

she comes while wearing it and sits near ”Evie”, ”Walter” stands up and says ”Thanks to everyone

that you are with me for a long time and serving me”, during this he declares that he will marry ”Evie”

but ”Evie” feels weird and now the things and ”Walter’s talks become strange.

Their servant fills a pot with blood while cutting a waitress’s neck and ”Evie” gets shocked to see this and gets scared.

”Walter” says you are serving me from centauries and have to give me three wives and I have two of them and third will be ”Evie”

as we all know the number 3 is special and powerful and with it, I will be more powerful

and in return you people will get money, fame and power and many other things besides this.

”Evie” understands everything but now it was too late, actually, ”Walter” was a vampire

now because he is immortal that’s why he is alive for centauries and they all were serving him.

”Walter’s” first wife was the clever girl and the innocent one was the second wife,

they were living with ”Walter” for years as they were also vampires.

His third wife was ”Evie’s” grandmother who ended herself at the start of the movie and now ”Walter” can’t marry ordinary girls

and he wants a girl with pure blood to get married, her grandmother’s blood was pure so he married her but

she ended herself, now he wants to get married to ”Evie” as she also has special blood because of her grandmother.

”Evie” tries to escape but couldn’t and ”Walter” says try to understand and think what I can give you

you will be immortal like me and will never die.

Even you will have power of 100 men and will never get sick and you will have a luxurious life like money, power.

Well, now ”Evie” was locked in the basement and ”Walter’s” wives come with her,

only ”Walter” and his wives were vampires and others were humans, they serve them like they bring blood for them.

As blood is vampires food, the vampire wives make ”Evie” understand that they have also gone through all this

and once ”Walter” will give you his blood to drink and you will feel powerful, you will be happy that you will forget your previous life.

Then you will be used to of the vampires life with the passage of time

but ”Evie” wasn’t affected of all this because she doesn’t want to be a killer or a devil and she starts weeping.

After it, they left while leaving ”Evie” alive because soon ”Walter” and ”Evie” will get marry

now the servant of ”Evie” was a goodhearted lady so she took pity on her,

and she doesn’t want her to be a prey of this cruelty so she helps her to escape from there.

Getting a right chance, ”Evie” runs from there but everyone discovers that ”Evie” escaped and the servant helped her.

Many people were sent behind her but she hides in the building,

the servant has ended that servant and brings her body into that building, ”Evie” panics to see this and runs from there.

The servant moves behind her but she locks him in this building and runs from there

she reaches a village in a house and there was an old couple so she asks them for help.

”Please call the police as there are some people behind me and they want to end me”, the old couple let her in the house

now the lady calls but not the police but ”Walter” because they were also ”Walter’s” servants.

”Evie” also understands but now it was too late, they offer tea to ”Evie” but she throws it at the old man

meanwhile, the old lady attacks her while throwing something and she gets faint. She awakes and was lying on the sofa

and there was ”Walter” in front of her telling her the benfits to be a vampire and provoking her to get marry.

There was a girl nearby whose blood he was sucking.

He somehow agrees her to marry and now at the time of marriage, ”Walter” gives ”Evie” his hand to suck blood and ”Evie” sucks it.

Now like her ”Walter” has to suck her blood so his third marriage process will be completed and he will become powerful

”Evie” becomes powerful as she sucked his blood but she doesn’t let him suck her blood but set that place on fire.

Seeing this, the humans get panicked and run from there,

”Walter” moves to stop ”Evie” but she stabs a thick weapon picked from the fire in his chest.

He was getting weak with it and after it, ”Evie” also runs from there but ”Walter’s clever wife starts fighting with her

and says, ”Foolish girl, what do you think? you will break the rules of thousand years old, this is your misunderstanding

and you can’t end ”Walter” because we will do each possible try to save him because we will die with him as well.

She again fights with her and was about to end ”Evie” but then ”Walter’s” innocent wife arrives

now because she was fed up of devilish life so she attacks ”Walter’s” wife,

they fight with each other and in the end, they were ended weirdly.

After it, ”Walter” whose condition wasn’t well holds ”Evie”, holding her and sucking her blood he tries to make her his wife but

”Evie” cuts his hand due to it, he leaves her. Later, she throws him into the fire while pushing him

now because of being weak he dies immediately.

Then she comes out while setting this place on fire, she escaped from this town with a girl who survived.

”Evie” is shown a vampire after two weeks, she is powerful as she has sucked ”Walter’s” blood.

She was with her friend and they were finding her fake cousin because ”Evie” wants to take her revenge on him.

Everything happened because of him. Here this movie ends.

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