Velvet Goldmine  (1998)

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Motion Picture  |  2D  |  Film Project  |  Color  |  1.85:1  |  118 Minutes

The movie Velvet Goldmine,
released in 1998 and directed by Todd Haynes, was shot on film using Aaton Cameras, Panavision Panaflex Gold Camera and Panavision Primo Primes Spherical Lenses with Maryse Alberti as cinematographer and editing by James Lyons.

Velvet Goldmine Technical Specifications

Starring | Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Toni Collette

Directed by | Todd Haynes

Cinematography by | Maryse Alberti

Edited by | James Lyons

Written by | James Lyons, Todd Haynes, Todd Haynes

Aaton Cameras
Panavision Panaflex Gold Camera
Panavision Primo Primes Spherical Lenses
Lens Manufacturer
Camera Aperture
Spherical Camera Aperture
Sound Systems
Dolby Digital
Distribution Resolution
Film Print 35mm Distribution
Distribution Medium
Video Cassette (VHS)

Country | UK, USA
Language | English, French
Genres | Drama, Music

Editing System
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Finishing System
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Film Manufacturer
Eastman Kodak Film Mfg
Film Negative Stock
Eastman EXR 200T 5293/7293 Neg. Film
Eastman EXR 500T 5298/7298 Neg. Film
Film Negative Width
16mm Film Negative Width
35mm Film Negative Width
Distributed Aspect Ratio
Shooting Regions
Academy Awards Year
1998 : 71st Academy Awards
Academy Award Nominee
Oscar Nominee: Best Costume Design