Watch La influencia 2019 Full Movie Explaination and all you need to know

La influencia 2019 Overview

The plot revolves around a nurse ‘Alicia’ who is called by her sister in their ancient dreary home. Here, Alicia recalls the cruelty she suffered as a youngster while assisting in her mother’s witchcraft practices. In this room, the family discovers witchcraft items and paranormal literature.
Nora, Alicia’s ten-year-old daughter, has been befriending the spooky outcast child as a result of how time has seemed to modify Nora’s personality. Soon Alicia knows that the witch has her daughter under her grip, and she must use any measures necessary to save her.
Alicia regresa a la siniestra mansión de la que huyó siendo una niña – un hogar que nunca ha albergado infancias felices – convertida ahora en una joven madre de familia. Acompañada por su marido y su hija de nueve años, Nora, Alicia busca rehacer su vida mientras se ve obligada a enfrentarse a un pasado que creía enterrado y a un cuerpo que se resiste a morir: el de Victoria, la posesiva matriarca de la familia, quien ha caído en coma profundo y sobrevive conectada a una máquina, y por la que la pequeña Nora siente una fascinación malsana.
Release date: June 21, 2019 (Spain)
Director: Denis Rovira
Language: Spanish
Music composed by: Arnau Bataller
Executive producer: Alexandra Gascón
Distributed by: Netflix

Where can I watch La influencia 2019 Trailer?

You can watch the La influencia 2019 Trailer below where you can see. watch the official trailer.

La influencia 2019 Summarize Video

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La influencia 2019 Poster

La influencia poster
La influencia poster
La influencia poster
La influencia poster
La influencia poster
La influencia poster

La influencia 2019 Images

La influencia images

La influencia images

La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images
La influencia images

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La influencia 2019 Top Reviews

Roger Moore

If you think you can guess what happens, you’re probably right. If you think you know who lives until the closing credits, you’re dead on the money.

Pablo Vázquez

The result is predictable: Rovira’s film highlights the talent for set pieces more than the narrative muscle.

Mikel Zorrilla

‘The Influence’ does not start badly, but then it makes too many mistakes along the way, complicating enough that you can’t take it seriously.

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La influencia 2019 Summarize text

The film story starts, ”Alicia” was moving to her mother’s house with her husband and daughter
because her mother was sick and in a coma but seeing ”Alicia” it seemed that she was very upset with her mother and did not want to come here.

When she sees her mother and says that she should have been in the hospital, why did you keep her at home? Her sister says that her mother has made some property papers and has also written that her treatment will be at home. ”Alicia” believed that her mother was a witch who did black magic.”Alicia” was a nurse, now she got a job in the hospital near here.

”Alicia’s” sister says that our mother had locked herself in the room for the last three years,
she just cried and screamed and talked about death for herself. We see that as soon as she comes here, ”Alicia’s” daughter ”Nora” had strange dreams.
She is in her grandmother’s room and a girl is waking up from her side, then ”Nora’s” eyes open.

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When Nora wakes up in the morning, she sees a dog in the house, she followed it and came to a room
where she finds a sewing machine and there she finds a locket on which a spider was made.
She keeps it with her, then there was the same girl standing behind ”Nora”, whom she had seen in her dream but she could not see her and when she turns, the sewing machine started working by itself.

After which, first ”Alicia” leaves the school and then goes to the hospital, but her husband was alone at home, he was an electrician who worked at home. Now he goes to a room where there were a lot of things that were used for black magic, now he was also convinced that ”Alicia’s” mother was a witch who did black magic. When he was sitting in his mother’s room, she opens one of her eyes, which scared ”Alicia’s” husband and goes out of the room.

The next day, a lawyer comes to his house and reads the property papers that ”Alicia’s” mother has given all the property to her grandson ”Nora”, everyone was surprised to hear this and ”Alicia’s” sister does not like it at all. Then ”Nora” goes to her grandmother, that is, to ”Alicia’s” mother and starts talking to her
as if she is answering her, then ”Nora’s” dad comes there and takes her away from there. Now there, who had come with ”Alicia’s” uncle’s lawyer, he tells that your mother was not a bad woman, but after her husband’s death, she became a little crazy, after which she started all this.

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And ”Alicia”, you should thank your mother, I know your situation is not good and ”Nora”, who has now become the heir of the property, will help you a lot, after all she is your daughter. But ”Alicia’s” sister was very angry, because her mother had not left anything for her, and in anger, she leaves from here, on the other hand, ”Nora” cuts her hair and keeps it in the same locket.

In the morning when she goes to school, she meets the same girl there, whom she had seen in her dreams,
now that girl does not know where she came from, she starts talking to that girl because she had no friends in school. At home, Alicia’s sister apologizes to her for yesterday, then the two of them hear a scream, which was ”Nora’s”, she was in her grandmother means in ”Alicia’s” mother’s room.

Now ”Alicia” quickly brings the axe and opens the door and comes in, where everything was scattered, chandelier falls on ”Nora” in that room, because of which she was unconscious. Now both of them take ”Nora” to the other room, so ”Alicia’s” sister gets the same locket from ”Nora”, which was her mother’s, now she says to ”Alicia”, you please keep an eye on your daughter, I think our mother wants to take ”Nora” in front of the same glass. but ”Alicia” did not remember anything, now her sister makes her remember, she says in childhood,
when that night our cousin was also with us, she took me and our cousin in front of the glass and we started looking old.

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After hearing all this, ”Alicia” gets angry, now she goes to her mother’s room and turns off the oxygen, then her sister comes and stops her, and her husband turns on the oxygen machine again, after which they burn all the stuff, which was black magic, and ”Nora” was watching them from the window. Now when they burn all this stuff and come back inside the house, the light of the house was off, ”Nora” asks ”Alicia”, what were you burning, she says nothing, it was just a little useless stuff, and now she tells her daughter that you will not go to your grandmother’s room. Then we see that the stuff they had burned, the same girl was walking on it, who had come in ”Nora’s” dream, and she had also found it in school.

Now this girl was talking in ”Alicia’s” mother’s voice because ”Alicia’s” mother had controlled her daughter’s body, the next day ”Alicia’s” husband gets a call about work, now he tells Alicia that when I finish this work, we will leave the city.

When ”Alicia’s” sister was working at her store, then she thinks about her mother’s old thoughts,
how she used to trouble her in childhood and she put her hand in her mouth while doing magic and broke a tooth, , then we see ”Nora” in the present sitting with that girl, who used to come in her dreams, now they become friends.

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Then that girl gives the same locket to ”Nora”, which ”Alicia’s” sister had taken from her,
which means that ”Alicia’s” mother’s soul was in that girl. Then her sister comes to ”Alicia’s” house, who tells her that our mother used to control us with the locket in childhood, I think now she wants to do all this with ”Nora”, and when they both find that locket and don’t find it anywhere.

The next day when ”Nora” was in school, the girl starts saying bad things about her family,
”Nora” was angry about this, she beats that girl a lot, and in this she is removed from school for a few days, now ”Nora” was changing completely from here, one day Nora was getting bored at home now she asks her dad to go out, he says yes to her, after which she goes out with the same girl.

In which Alicia’s mother’s soul was in, when Alicia’s sister comes back from her store, then she sees Nora and that girl who was talking to her in her mother’s voice, she says that the locket you are looking for is in the garden outside, come and find it, she was very scared of her mother since childhood, that’s why she listens to her, now when she digs a very big hole, ”Nora” shows her the locket and asks, who are you looking for?

Now ”Alicia’s” sister gets very angry, as she attacks that girl, ”Nora” ends her while picking up a shovel
but now that girl turns into ”Alicia’s” mother and ends her daughter and buries her in the same hole,
there ”Alicia” and her husband were worried about ”Nora”, they were looking for her because she hadn’t gone home yet.

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Now when ”Nora” comes home, she goes to ”Alicia’s” mother’s room, along with her, there was another girl who was telling ”Alicia’s” mother that ”Nora” is now ready to do everything which means she just has to look into her grandmother’s eyes, but here ”Nora” was a little scared because she had killed ”Alicia’s” sister,”Alicia’s” mother opens her eyes, a very scary kind of demon appears and now a black thing sticks to ”Nora’s” face and goes into her mouth, after which ”Nora” had changed completely, ”Alicia” starts looking for her sister, but she was not found anywhere she goes to her house and sees a dog roaming.

Where ”Alicia’s” mother had buried her sister means her daughter, ”Nora” goes and kicks that dog and runs away, while doing all this, ”Alicia” sees her, ”Nora” was behaving very strangely with her, but she still doesn’t know anything, she goes with her husband to the police and reports her sister’s disappearance, then ”Nora” goes to ”Alicia’s” sister’s house and kills that dog, who was roaming around her grave,

Then she comes to her grandmother’s room and opens the cupboard, after opening it, she finds a box
in which there were three lockets, one had teeth, the other had no blood and the third had a cut finger,
”Nora” turns off the oxygen there and says now I don’t want this body, which means that in ”Nora” there was Alicia’s mother’s soul, who had left her body and completely controlled ”Nora”,

She could come whenever she wanted and she could go whenever she wanted, she also threatens that if she tells anyone about this, it will not be good, now at night while eating food, ”Alicia’s” husband asks her how her dad died?

She says that my dad used to live outside all the time, one day when he came back home,
my sister and I wanted to play with our dad, but I hid under the stairs and when he came to find me, he fell down the stairs and died, because of it, my mother always considered me and my sister responsible of our dad’s death, then ”Nora” says that you are lying, saying this, she goes because there was ”Alicia’s” mother’s soul in it,

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when ”Nora’s” dad sees this, he sees his daughter’s behavior and says that I will have to finish everything quickly and go back, ”Nora” goes to Alicia’s” mother’s room and asks are you going to end ”Alicia”,?
She says no, I will kill her husband so that she can suffer all her life, Alicia also heard all this and tells her husband to come home, but he was not answering the phone,

When she goes to her mother’s room but there was no one there, she hears a voice from the basement, she goes and sees that her mother was there, who suddenly comes in front of her, then we see that ”Alicia’s” husband also come, when she asks her daughter Nora, she says that she is in the basement, here we find out how ”Alicia’s” dad died, when he was actually looking for ”Alicia”, ”Alicia” caught his feet and he slipped,

On the way, the deer’s head was lying on the road, his horn, which had pierced his neck, and he died.
Because of this, his mother hated him, she thought that her husband died because of ”Alicia”,
now the story comes back to the present,

Where ”Alicia” sees her daughter who had oxygen, then her mother comes down from the bed and holds her neck, her husband comes and saves her, now because ”Alicia’s” mother was very strong, that’s why she cuts her husband’s hand, but still she was attacking him with a knife, she kills him and throws him down,
at the same time ”Nora” comes and attacks him from behind, because she was completely under ”Alicia’s” mother control.

She cuts her dad, she did not understand that who had caught her from behind and attacked her, then he throws ”Nora” down, when he sees that she was his daughter, he becomes worried. Now here ”Alicia” knew that if her mother was alive, then ”Nora” would also be alive, she breathes her mother, then ”Nora” also becomes alive, after that in the story, we see ”Alicia’s” mother in the hospital, ”Nora” comes to her

And says that you will have to leave this world, she starts going from there with oxygen,
her grandfather was also behind her, as she turns back, her grandfather turns into a strange demon,
and ”Alicia’s” mother also starts strangling ”Nora”.
Then Nora comes to her senses, it was all her dream, she tells her parents that I love you very much,
after that we see the poster of being lost, which was of ”Alicia’s” sister and the same girl who was with ”Nora”, both of them were dead,

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But no one knew about it, now at the end of the story, we see ”Nora”, who was going home with ”Alicia” and her dad, then she was sitting on the seat of the car and staring at something,
the same thing ”Alicia’s” mother used to do, means that her soul was still in ”Nora”.
Maybe she will never leave Alicia. At the end of the story, we know that
”Alicia’s” mother used to think that her daughters were responsible for her husband’s death, she was ”Alicia’s” enemy because she thought that she had killed her dad on purpose, that is why she learned black magic and became a witch, with this, the movie ends here.

Where can I watch La influencia 2019?

For now, you can watch the full movie in theaters and cinemas with your friends and family, and it is also on Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hulu Thanks 🙂

Is La influencia 2019 on Netflix?

Yes you can watch and added to favorite in Netflix.

Is La influencia 2019 on Hulu?

For now, the team and director of La influencia 2019 movie are deciding to sell rights to Hulu so it should be on Hulu after a few coming weeks.

Is La influencia 2019 on Amazon Prime?

For now, the team and director of La influencia 2019 movie are deciding to sell rights to Amazon Prime so it should be on Amazon after a few coming weeks.

Where can I buy La influencia 2019?

You can buy the movie on Amazon soon.

Where can I download La influencia 2019?

There are several illegal sites where you can find and download the movie but we highly recommend buying it from amazon or watching it in theaters.

How do I watch La influencia 2019?

there are several illegal sites where you can find and watch La influencia 2019 movie but we highly recommend buying it from amazon or watching it in theaters.

Will there be La influencia 2019 another part 2?

After a successful La influencia 2019, The Director and the team are deciding to start work on another part which start filming at the end of 2023 and will be complete in the mid of 2024 after that the exact date of the part will be announced.

Is it Marvel La influencia 2019?

The short answer is no. La influencia 2019 is not a marvel movie but don’t worry we have some further details that you need to read .The Director is  Denis Rovira, Language is Spanish and Music composed by Arnau Bataller also Executive producer is Alexandra Gascón & Distributed by Netflix.

What is the length of La influencia 2019?

The Length of La influencia 2019 is 1h 51m.

What is the Runtime of La influencia 2019?

The Runtime of La influencia 2019 is 1h 51m.

What is the Release date of La influencia 2019?

According to Spain Official Time, the release date of the La influencia 2019 movie is June 21, 2019 (Spain).

Who is the director of La influencia 2019?

LA Influencia 2019 Director is Denis Rovira.

Who is in the La influencia 2019 Cast?

Here are the top characters who played major roles in La influencia 2019 movie cast that you should know.

Claudia Placer As Nora

Maggie Civantos As Sara
Manuela Vellés As Alicia
Daniela Rubio As Luna
Alain Hernández As Mikel
Goize Blanco As Bruja Akelarre Fuego
Emma Suárez As Victoria
Carlos Cuevas As Fran

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