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Many people have a stereotype that Apple makes the best smartphones that have no competitors. Let's try to debunk this myth and prove that iPhones are inferior to modern flagships in various respects. In this article you will find out which of them the Apple company still needs to work on.

Many people have a stereotype that Apple makes the best smartphones that have no competitors. Let's try to debunk this myth and prove that iPhones are inferior to modern flagships in various respects. In this article you will find out which of them the Apple company still needs to work on.
Folding smartphones

It seems like only recently we saw only concepts of flexible displays - but today they are already on sale. Some models even had several generations. It is also interesting that folding smartphones are produced in different formats - “clamshells” and “books”.

“Flip phones” are suitable for those who need the usual large diagonal of modern smartphones, but at the same time want them to easily fit into any, even small pocket. An additional advantage is the 90-degree opening: the smartphone turns into a kind of “powder compact” that can be used in various ways. Someone conducts video conferences in this mode, someone watches social networks, and someone shoots video with a front camera. But for selfies, the front camera is no longer needed, because clamshells already have a fairly large external display, which makes it easy to take selfies with the main cameras.

Flip phone smartphones - Simka block

“Books” are an option for those who want to increase the screen diagonal almost to the size of a tablet, but still remain within the body of a regular smartphone. Such devices are chosen by people who spend a lot of time on the Internet, read and chat in instant messengers. When opened, the diagonal of such a smartphone can reach eight inches. Their only drawback is that they have an aspect ratio of 5:4, so watching videos on them is not very convenient.
Smartphones with stylus

In general, styluses have long been an integral part of Windows Mobile PDAs, but after the transition to Android they almost ceased to be found in smartphones. Samsung gave styluses a second life when they released their first Galaxy Note, which was a stunning success. We still remember our emotions from this smartphone: an amazingly large display, a long operating time and a convenient stylus pen that was hidden in the body.

Since then, Samsung managed to abandon the Note line, and their S Pen migrated to the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra. This seems to us to be the right decision: previously the company, in fact, had two flagships, and now the August presentation has been reclassified as an announcement of flexible smartphones.

The pen is a convenient tool for both taking notes and drawing, as well as for simple use or games with a lot of small interfaces. Over the years, Samsung has perfectly adapted its system to this element: you can quickly bring up a window with notes, quickly crop a screenshot using the stylus, or write something directly on a photo or screenshot.

Smartphones with a stylus - Simka block
Photo flagships

There is a common stereotype that the best photos are taken with an iPhone. Yes, Apple smartphones can take good pictures out of the box: when you just point the camera and get a good photo. But their competitors learned this a long time ago, so they need to offer something more.

And the first thing we want to talk about is manual settings. For more professional shooting, sometimes it is necessary to fix specific shutter speed and exposure values, since automatic ones will constantly “jump”. To do this on an iPhone, you will need a third-party paid application. And on Android smartphones this option is available initially. Here we also add shooting in RAW format, so that later we have more editing options.

Next are the modules themselves. The three most common shooting modules are standard, wide-angle and portrait with optical zoom. But for iPhones, only the older models have all three, while the younger ones, which also cost quite decently, have only regular and wide-angle lenses. The 14 Pro Max supports triple zoom, but this won’t surprise anyone now, because the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a five-fold, and the Samsung S23 Ultra has a ten-fold optical zoom. And both models can shoot as much as 8K.

Smartphones photo flagships - Simka block
With fast charging

The average battery capacity on an Android smartphone is 5000 mAh, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max having just under 4400 mAh. What about fast charging? Formally, it is there too, and we are all accustomed to receiving 50% charge in half an hour. But on some Android smartphones these numbers are already much higher.

Thus, Huawei P60 Pro charges up to 50% in 10 minutes, and Xiaomi 13 Ultra is fully charged in 35 minutes. Moreover, both smartphones also support powerful 50W wireless charging!

Smartphones with fast charging - SIM card unit

We are in Simka test

We create different smartphones for our store: sometimes they are expensive flagships, sometimes they are affordable models. Lately, we have noticed that I feel quite comfortable using an inexpensive device for 20-30 thousand rubles. Such models already have decent screens, they have capacious batteries, they work quickly and for a long time, and at the same time the manufacturer often includes a lot of additional accessories.

Affordable inexpensive smartphones - Simka block

Yes, such devices may be slightly inferior in camera quality or in some other small details, but they cover most of the user’s basic needs.

To buy yourself a good and comfortable-to-use smartphone, you don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money. And if you want to spend a large sum on a high-quality gadget, I advise you to expand the range of options by including flagship models on Android.

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